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Simplify Mobile Application Management

AdminStudio Mobile Application Management Software enables centralized management of mobile apps with the same tools and processes used for physical and virtual applications. Test mobile app software for device and OS compatibility and report on the behavior, configuration and property settings of mobile applications to identify which apps require additional security assessment.

The BYOD Trojan Horse: Dangerous Mobile App Behaviors & Back-Door Security Risks

Use mobile application management software to identify, manage, track and report on internally developed mobile apps, and public links from Windows® Store, Apple® App Store®, and Google® Play®, alongside your Windows applications. Because AdminStudio Mobile takes advantage of your current Application Readiness processes, it simplifies mobile application management and enables you to reduce risk and address the rapidly growing demand for mobile apps in the enterprise.

One Solution, One Process for all Applications

  • Reduce the learning curve and increase productivity by managing mobile app software with the same process you use for Windows applications.
  • Test mobile apps for device and OS compatibility with automated compatibility testing for error free deployment to Mobile Device Management systems.

Addresses Security and Reliability Concerns

  • Report on the behavior, configuration and property settings of mobile apps to identify which apps require additional security assessment.
  • Identify risky apps and establish mobile application policies.
  • Validate that apps follow best practices and conform with enterprise policies.

Streamline Mobile Application Management and Deployment

  • Prepare and manage mobile apps in conformance to the standard Application Readiness processes
  • Extract metadata from property files and app stores to streamline distribution of mobile apps
  • Directly publish mobile apps from AdminStudio to Enterprise Mobility Management systems

AdminStudio Mobile application management software is part of AdminStudio Suite, which powers an enterprise's Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalization, packaging, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and continuous and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments.

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  • Monetize and protect software
  • Monetize the Internet of Things
  • Manage software entitlements
  • Electronically deliver and update software
  • Develop software installers
  • Brands: InstallShield, FlexNet Licensing, FlexNet Operations

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