AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment

Assessment, Analysis and Reporting for a Successful Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Transformation

Don't Let Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Project Stall

AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment monitors the behavior of computers, users and applications, and provides full visibility into your desktop environment to help you plan more effectively, minimize risk and reduce user-centric computing and desktop virtualization costs.

Enterprises are turning to desktop virtualization software to take advantage of compelling benefits that include highly efficient virtual desktop management, improved resource utilization, stronger security, greater protection for user data and substantially lower desktop costs.

Unfortunately, desktop virtualization projects in many organizations have stalled. Why? Because IT doesn't have the answers to critical questions about how users and desktop applications consume such resources as network bandwidth, storage, CPU and memory. What's more, the staff lacks tools to help them assess the environment and quickly identify good virtualization candidates. The result: The migration to virtual desktops is time consuming, disruptive and risky.

Flexera Software helps you get your virtual desktop projects on track with AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment. This easy-to-install virtual appliance monitors key system behaviors of computers, users and applications, capturing detailed data that adds a new dimension to compatibility assessment for desktop transformation initiatives.

With the robust data Virtual Desktop Assessment provides, you can make informed decisions and enhance your virtual desktop strategy, whether that strategy includes Microsoft®, VMware® or Citrix®. Consequently, you'll enhance the effectiveness of your migration projects with in-depth data that guides project planning and decision making. And you'll minimize risk and reduce costs with a well-designed infrastructure based on a full understanding of VDI impacts.

Capture an Accurate, Comprehensive Picture of Virtualization Readiness

  • Monitor desktop and laptop computer behavior and collect a complete application inventory that includes:
    • CPU, RAM, storage and disk IO, graphics and other resources used by each application
    • Usage of each application, including user count, load time and total use time
    • Services and device drivers required by each application
    • External devices such as printers and scanners
    • Aggregates of each of the above so you can plan your virtual infrastructure
  • Tailor the assessment for your environment, specifying which computers, users and applications to assess as well as the most appropriate timeframe.
  • Capture data on a central server where it is available for reporting and analysis.

Analyze and Report on Data to Answer Critical Questions

  • Get answers to your most pressing design and planning questions so you can avoid the missteps and problems that occur when VDI is applied to the wrong users and/or applications:
    • Inventory – Answer your questions about the computers that comprise your desktop environment, how they are configured and what external devices are attached to them
    • Applications – Discover which applications people are using, along with user count, load time and total use time. Find out what services and device drivers are required by each application
    • Users – Gain insight into which users or user groups will be the easiest and which will be most difficult to migrate
    • Capacity/Infrastructure Design – Understand current resource requirements so you can design an effective VDI infrastructure that supports the resource needs of the user community
    • Migration – Plan a phased migration that allows for success at each step and avoids disruption to the business
  • Create detailed summary reports and filter them based on a variety of attributes to segment users and gain richer insight into their needs. Standard reports include:
    • Virtual Profile
    • Virtual Profile Scatter Plot
    • Machine Assessment Summary
    • User Assessment Summary
    • Application Assessment Summary
    • Virtual Profile Trend Charts
    • Machine Configuration Charts
    • Resource Utilization Charts
    • Configuration Cluster Bubble Chart
    • Machine Inspection History

Enjoy the Advantages of Cross-platform Support

  • Implement a single solution that supports the leading hypervisor and desktop platforms, including:
    • VMware® ESX, VMware ESXi 3.0 and Citrix® XenServer 5.5
    • Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows 2008 R2
    • Windows operating systems for physical and virtual desktops
    • Virtual desktops running on VMwareView, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp
    • Thin application solutions including VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V

Apply the Power of Virtualization to Your Desktops and Applications

  • Combine AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment with Flexera Software AdminStudio and Flexera Software AdminStudio Virtualization Pack to leverage the power of virtualization not only for desktops but also for applications.
  • Leverage Virtual Desktop Assessment to understand your desktop environment and the characteristics of your users and user groups. As a result, you can answer the question, "Should I migrate this user"?
  • Put AdminStudio Virtualization Pack to work to determine application virtualization suitability, so you can answer the question, "Can I migrate this user or application"?
  • Employ AdminStudio to create packages in multiple physical and virtual formats for ubiquitous deployment across all leading platforms.

Get Your Desktop Virtualization Projects on Track

Desktop virtualization has the potential to simplify desktop management and cuts costs as well as deliver greater flexibility for users and higher application compatibility. AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment gives you the tools you need to assess your environment and develop a well-thought-out plan that lets you fully exploit desktop virtualization in your enterprise. With this advanced assessment solution, you'll gain visibility that accelerates your transition to user-centric computing and VDI while reducing the cost of achieving your virtual desktop management objectives.


Profile Collector

This lightweight virtual desktop software agent runs on desktops to monitor behavior and capture data on users, applications and computers. The agent collects a broad range of data, including metrics regarding CPU performance, online/offline access, disk I/O and memory utilization as well as application data, including applications installed, details and usage. The VDI  software agent uploads data to the Virtual Desktop Assessment Manager (server) for storage, analysis and reporting.

Virtual Desktop Assessment Manager

Runs as a virtual server and stores information supplied by the Profile Collector. Administrators manage the desktop management software agent from the Manager, identifying computers for monitoring and setting various options for the agent. Data can be imported from Active Directory and LDAP to group users and run reports for specific groups. The Manager summarizes data into a high-level view, mid-level analysis models and low-level, granular views, with a variety of reports available at each level.

User Profile

Virtual Desktop Assessment creates a profile for each user/computer for which it captures data. The profile provides a traffic-light view to indicate each user/computer's virtualization suitability. Green indicates good candidates; yellow indicates fair candidates and red indicates poor candidates. Suitability ratings are based on such factors as consumption of memory, storage and other resources, performance requirements and infrastructure limitations.

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