FlexNet Manager Platform

Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Desktop Software License Optimization

Gain Visibility and Control of your IT Estate

FlexNet Manager Platform is a scalable Software License Optimization product that includes both hardware and software asset management (HAM & SAM) across more than 18,333 publishers and 181,927 applications. It automates entitlement based software license management and optimization to enable the reduction of license, maintenance and audit costs for desktop software, while maintaining license compliance.

FlexNet Manager Platform is the foundation of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises used by thousands of enterprises to gain control of and optimize spend across their hardware and software estate. Regardless of your current state of software asset management program maturity, FlexNet Manager Platform can help you mature your processes, take you to the next level of maturity and realize greater business value.

Where Is Software Deployed?

Many companies know the hardware they own and can track it through its lifecycle. Accurately identifying and managing software is much trickier for several reasons:

  • To determine how much software is installed, you must gather and comb through reams of file, package, registry and other data to determine the applications installed on each machine
  • Many of today’s complex software licensing models are based on the underlying hardware or environment. Accurately collecting the required evidence across diverse hardware, operating systems and virtual environments is required to understand the software deployed
  • Some software license models require an understanding of how the software is being used making it necessary to gather raw usage data
  • The software lifecycle is very dynamic–software is upgraded, retired, becoming shelfware, or sprawling throughout your environment at an uncontrollable rate, driving the need for an increasingly flexible and frequent process

The basis of any software asset management program is understanding where your hardware and software assets are deployed. FlexNet Manager Platform helps you discover where software is installed and collects software and hardware evidence across multiple platforms so you can be assured that you have a comprehensive inventory of your IT estate.

What is Deployed and How is it Being Used?

FlexNet Manager Platform helps you understand which applications are deployed by matching the evidence collected against its massive Application Recognition Library to produce a consistently named or normalized list of applications per device.

Complete Software Recognition Commitment
Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager Platform recognizes more than 181,927 applications from over 18,333 software vendors, out-of-the-box, using its Application Recognition Library. We commit to add priority commercial software discovered on your network that is not immediately recognized, to the Application Recognition Library at no additional cost. Flexera Software uniquely links recognized applications to the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Library as well, providing value-added insights into your software estate.

Software consumption is then measured based on an application of the metric (user counts, processor counts, etc.) used in the license model, and in some cases, based on usage. Appropriate metrics for the various license models are built into FlexNet Manager Platform and applied automatically.

Understanding what is installed and how it is being used has a significant set of challenges, including:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures make it difficult for you and vendors to understand what is under your company’s control or what has been transferred to/from other organizations, making them the number one trigger of audit activity
  • Multiple software delivery models—installed on the endpoint device, desktop and application virtualization, and other techniques
  • Increasing software license model complexity. For example, Microsoft SQL Server has multiple editions, multiple license models (processor, core, CAL, etc.), and multiple purchasing programs (EA, Select, Open). Knowing that you bought SQL Server is insufficient if you don’t know how it should be counted
  • Decentralized purchasing making it hard to get an accurate count of usage

FlexNet Manager Platform helps you develop a consistent, normalized list of installed applications and measure their usage.

Are We Compliant?

FlexNet Manager Platform automates the process of identifying what was “entitled versus consumed” by comparing inventory and usage data to an understanding of what was purchased and establishing a license compliance position.

FlexNet Manager Platform helps manage contracts and purchase order (PO) or entitlement data to know how many licenses were bought for a specific software title. Leveraging its Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Library of more than 1,014,464 software part numbers, FlexNet Manager Platform automatically processes POs with SKUs to understand exactly what has been purchased and compares this to the inventory data to ensure continuous software license compliance.

FlexNet Manager Platform helps you determine an effective license position based on a reconciliation of purchased versus installed software and establish governance to ensure continuous compliance. Doing so reduces annual true-up and software audit risk and the automation provided by FlexNet Manager Platform reduces your preparation time and effort dramatically.

Have We Optimized our Software Spend?

The highest level of maturity is Optimization, where organizations optimally apply all entitlements via a Product Use Rights library to proactively manage and reclaim licenses, minimize spend, assess financial impact of change and consolidate vendors. FlexNet Manager Platform provides enterprise-wide Software License Optimization across desktops, laptops, and other client devices and is the foundation for add-on Server Software License Optimization products included in FlexNet Manager Suite enabling organizations to reach Level 4 (Optimization) in the Software License Optimization Maturity Model.

FlexNet Manager Platform automates the process of reconciling the software license entitlements purchased with application installation and usage data, allowing organizations to save on desktop license purchases, audits, renewals, and annual true-ups. The Platform has a wide range of built-in license models and contains a Product Use Rights Library for desktop applications that streamlines the software license optimization process. The Product Use Rights Library contains the license entitlements provided by software purchase agreements from top desktop software vendors (Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec and more) such as Enterprise Agreements (EA), Select Plus Agreements, Software Assurance (SA) and Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP). These rights include: upgrade, downgrade, right of second use, multiple versions and virtual environment use rights.

FlexNet Manager Platform is also the foundation for server license optimization products included in the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. FlexNet Manager for IBM, FlexNet Manager for Microsoft, FlexNet Manager for Oracle, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, FlexNet Manager for Symantec, FlexNet Manager for VMware are integrated solutions built on top of FlexNet Manager Platform that enable enterprise-wide, automated license optimization for server software from these high value vendors.

Microsoft Partner Gold SAM


Product Use Rights Library for Desktop Applications

FlexNet Platform includes a Product Use Rights Library for vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and IBM that enables it to determine an accurate license position and optimize license consumption for desktop applications. Product Use Rights vary depending on the type of software license agreement used to buy the software (e.g. Adobe Cumulative License Program) and even depend on the specific software product in some cases. These rights include:

  • Upgrade—the right to use the latest version of the software as soon as it becomes available. (Typically a maintenance and support program benefit).
  • Downgrade—the right to use an older version of the software than the version purchased.
  • Right of second use (aka portable use)—the right to use the software on both a desktop and a laptop with the same owner and only consume one license.
  • Multiple versions—the right to have multiple versions of the same application installed on one device and only consume one license.
  • Virtual environment use rights—the rights associated with running the software on a virtual machine, virtual desktop or as a virtualized application.
  • Roaming Use Rights—these rights define how users can remotely access server based virtual desktops from third party devices, or run the software in a virtual OS environment on a third party device.

Enhanced Web User Interface

The Web User Interface, available in both On-premises and Cloud delivery models, now provides hardware asset management (HAM), contract, user and vendor management along with custom reporting. License management includes processing for maintenance and upgrade purchase orders, visibility of the application recognition library and license simulation (What If Analysis). Both multi-edit and multi-currency capabilities are available. Business data can be processed through the inventory beacon. The system alerts customers when changes in the content libraries (e.g. Product Use Rights Library) may impact their existing licenses.

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