Software Vulnerability Management

The Foundation to Reduce the Risk of Security Incidents Effectively

Vulnerability Management is a Prerequisite for Security

Software Vulnerability Management is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. It is an expansive discipline that cannot be addressed by technology alone, but must include policies, processes and technology.

It is quite common that policies are not aligned with business needs, that processes are not integrated and that technologies are not implemented to their full capabilities. The result of the misalignment is that, despite security investments, we continue to see organizations being breached and suffering significant losses as a consequence of the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities.

Flexera Software’s acclaimed Software Vulnerability Management solutions address these challenges, protecting companies and computers around the world.

Vulnerability Intelligence is the Foundation For Good Vulnerability Management

To successfully manage the software vulnerabilities in your environment you need to know all about them. We identified the urgency of this issue early on. Back in 2002, Secunia Research started investigating, coordinating disclosure and verifying software vulnerabilities. Today our in-house software vulnerability research remains the core of the Software Vulnerability Management products at Flexera Software.

Secunia Research is renowned for its accuracy, and is the guarantor that the information our customers receive through our solutions is much more than just information. It is verified intelligence, which has been scrutinized and rated before being submitted to our users in alerts customized to their environment and requirements. Our skilled and dedicated researchers work diligently to uncover and coordinate the disclosure of software vulnerabilities, and also to verify any software vulnerability reported by other sources. Secunia Research collects information from public disclosure lists and has custom-built robots crawl the internet for breaking news and rumors about new disclosures.

The result of this work is our Vulnerability Database, an unmatched catalog of over 50,000 applications which dates back to 2003. Our vulnerability research and our proprietary database are the foundation of our Software Vulnerability Management product portfolio which is developed to support the entire Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.

Software Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

The Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle consists of three basic steps: Assess, Mitigate and Verify. In order to complete those steps a number of activities must be performed, supported by processes and technologies.

Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle

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Flexera Software's Software Vulnerability Management Solutions

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

Software vulnerabilities continue to be one of the most common weaknesses cybercriminals and hackers use to infiltrate and escalate privileges inside organizations’ infrastructures. According to Secunia Research, 15,435 vulnerabilities were reported in 2014. This is an increase of 18% in relation to the previous year.

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Corporate Software Inspector

Corporate Software Inspector gives you the when, where, what and how of security patching. It tells you when a software vulnerability with an available patch is threatening your infrastructure, where it will have the most critical impact, what the right remediation strategy is and how to deploy it.

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Personal Software Inspector

Personal Software Inspector also detects and notifies you of programs that cannot be automatically updated with software patches and provides you with detailed instructions for updating the program when available. In most cases, you simply need to click the appropriate icon in the Results window and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest patches.

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