Software Asset Management Maturity Modeling Workshop

Holistic Assessment of Current SAM Maturity Level and Guidance on Moving up the Maturity Ladder

Move up in Software Asset Management Maturity for Higher ROI

The applications that enterprises have invested in so heavily no longer simply aid the business, they run the business. Enterprises that want to leverage their investment in software and gain a competitive advantage need a strategic solution for software asset management (SAM) and license optimization. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is just such a solution.

As important as technology solutions are, however, it is crucial to put in place underlying, best practice processes in conjunction with the technology implementation to support a mature SAM program. That's why savvy enterprises are taking a strategic approach and seeking to understand their current state and proactively mature their software asset management capabilities and processes.

The Software Asset Management Maturity Modeling Workshop from Flexera Software assists organizations that wish to holistically assess their current software asset management capabilities from a software license optimization perspective and gain insight into how to strengthen and enhance what they have. Typical business drivers for such an effort include the need to reduce license compliance risks, manage software investments more effectively to avoid or cut costs, and heighten operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The Software Asset Management Maturity Modeling Workshop is a technology-agnostic consultative engagement that centers on process. Flexera Software consultants assess a customer's current software asset management processes and map them to industry standard best practices in conjunction with Flexera Software's Software License Optimization maturity framework. This enables them to score the customer's maturity level for each SAM lifecycle component.

Business Problems Addressed:

Upon successful completion of the Software Asset Management Maturity Modeling Workshop, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Gain visibility into the organization's current processes and state of software asset management maturity
  • Establish SAM and license optimization best practices with the help of subject matter experts
  • Establish a realistic roadmap for advancing to a higher level of maturity

Delivery Approach:

The Flexera Software team uses a highly consultative approach that includes in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. The outcome includes a scorecard that ranks the maturity level of the current lifecycle component capability. Additionally, Flexera consultants provide a target state definition for each component and specific recommendations plus an associated roadmap detailing how to proceed toward attainment of this future state. Toward that end, the consultants:

  • Conduct an introductory meeting to review the format of the workshop and ensure key stakeholders are available for interviews
  • Disseminate a comprehensive process questionnaire (based on ISO standards) and leverage responses to assess the customer's current business processes
  • Run an onsite workshop with key stakeholders familiar with the customer's current practices around IT procurement, contract management, vendor management and IT asset management (ITAM) lifecycle practices. Use the results of the questionnaire to drive a more in-depth exploration of the customer's SAM capabilities
  • Collate findings into a maturity assessment report
  • Identify maturity gaps as the basis for discussing and determining the customer's desired future maturity state for each of the respective SAM lifecycle components
  • Formulate recommendations to assist the customer in establishing a roadmap to maturity that is specific to the unique needs of the business
  • Conduct a read-out with participating stakeholders to present overall findings and recommendations

For customers purchasing FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, the consulting team may deliver the workshop in conjunction with a business planning workshop. Or the team may extend the engagement to encompass a full process assessment if the customer needs help in designing or re-engineering processes in line with best practices and organizational needs.