Software License Optimization Value Service

Realizing the Value of your License Management Investment

Capture and Report a Higher Return on Investment for your SAM Program

Implementing a SAM and license optimization solution comes with considerable expectations, including decreased software license and maintenance spend and reduced license compliance risk. IT organizations are under the microscope to clearly demonstrate the return on this investment. However, in many cases, enterprises are failing to fully realize the value of their SAM and license optimization investment.

Factors hindering this value realization are often related to the inability to effectively capture and report on the benefits, lack of clarity on how to fully leverage the software license optimization solution and inadequate governance over the asset management processes.

To achieve value realization, organizations need to be able to measure and demonstrate the return on investment, and additionally, uncover any hurdles that may be inhibiting optimized results. Ultimately, organizations need to achieve an Optimized level of asset management maturity to realize the highest ROI.

The Software License Optimization Value Realization Service is designed as a post-implementation, consultative engagement. It is specifically targeted toward enhancing an organization's ability to capture and report the benefits and return on investment associated with their implemented software license management solution.

Business Problems Addressed:

Upon successful completion of the Software License Optimization Value Service, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Improve the quantitative and qualitative ROI measurements associated with software license optimization, and identify and close reporting gaps
  • Operationalize the capture and reporting of license optimization realized value and publicize that value internally
  • Address hurdles inhibiting software license optimization and heighten the return on investment

Delivery Approach:

The service will be delivered as a highly consultative engagement and will include

  • A review of benefits/value realization reporting currently being captured
  • Interviews with key stakeholders to understand how the software license optimization is currently deployed and being leveraged
    • This will serve as the basis for determining applicable benefits/value factors which could/might be captured
    • This will also assist in highlighting obstacles potentially hindering the realization of benefits
  • A summarization and collective review of current state observations
  • Recommendations for:
    • Enhancing value realization reporting
    • Addressing existing obstacles to heighten value to be realized