Software Maintenance and Support Rationalization Service

Improve Business Continuity and Cut Costs

Reduce Ongoing Software Maintenance & License Costs

These organizations, however, often need to understand what software is installed compared to what has been purchased. Knowledge about their license positions enables organizations to address such concerns as software spend and total cost of ownership, control over licenses and the ability to prepare for vendor audits.

A software vendor relationship manager, for example, may face a compelling event such as an audit, true-up or license purchase that makes visibility into the current license position essential. In other cases, an organization may want to move higher on the SAM maturity ladder to drive efficiencies that reduce software spend or enable more effective management of maintenance and support renewals. However, the organization may not have the tools or skills to optimize license positions.

Flexera Software's License Position Snapshot Service helps IT organizations address these needs.

Business Problems Addressed:

Upon successful completion of the License Position Snapshot Service, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Visibility into license position, enabling fact-based discussions with vendors during audits, true-ups and contract renewals
  • Identification of licenses that can be re-harvested to defer new license purchases; identification of opportunities for maintenance cost savings
  • Optimization of licenses for key vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle to reduce costs

Delivery Approach:

This service can be delivered as an onsite or offsite consulting project depending on the complexity of the environment and type of available data sources. In a typical Snapshot project, Flexera Software consultants:

  • Discuss requirements and available software inventory, entitlement and purchase order data sources as well as organizational data
  • Agree with the client on a statement of work for delivery of the services
  • Connect to the client's network with a Flexera Software computer or install FlexNet Manager Suite in the client environment for the duration of project
  • Import inventory data or perform a FlexNet Manager Platform agentless inventory
  • Perform a one-time import of baseline purchase order and human resources data, as required
  • Compare software installations to purchases to create the customer's reconciled license position
  • Perform software license optimization for selected vendors applying each application's product use rights (upgrade, downgrade, right of second use, virtual use, failover/DR rights, etc.) per the terms of the license agreement
  • Generate reports and review them with the client