FlexNet Manager Suite 1-Day Advanced License Management Training

Course Overview

Flexera Software provides 1-day instructor-led advanced license management and publisher specific courses to help manage complex licensing for different software publishers. These courses can be delivered as on-site training at your location, or as virtual public training classes. The virtual class allows students to attend from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection, and in some cases, a phone.

To register for these courses, you should have a basic knowledge of the FlexNet Manager Suite as covered in the FlexNet Manager Suite Administration course (FNM-1200) or comparable experience with FlexNet Manager Suite. These courses cover the logic and advanced configuration options available in FlexNet Manager Suite that are designed to handle complex license models and volume purchase programs. Each Publisher Specific class will cover the license complexities unique to that publisher along with license types for that publisher and how to configure each license type and apply the specific Product Use Rights for each license.

To register for an upcoming virtual class, click the Register button on this page. On the Training Registration page, search for classes by selecting “FlexNet Manager Suite” in the Product list dropdown.

Course Outlines

1-day FNM-1400: Advanced License Management Tips and Tricks

  • License Reconciliation Overview
  • Licensing Virtual and Cloud Technologies in FNMS
  • Choosing the right License Type in FNMS
  • Advanced License Configuration

1-day FNM-1520: Microsoft License Management with FlexNet Manager Suite

  • Microsoft Licensing Overview
  • Microsoft Volume Purchase Agreement
  • Microsoft Licensing Examples
    • Microsoft Server Core Licensing
    • Multiplexing
    • Windows Server Datacenter Licensing
    • SCCM Licensing
    • Office Pro and Office 365 Pro
    • MSDN
  • Establishing a Baseline for Microsoft

1-day FNM-1530: Oracle License Management with FlexNet Manager Suite

  • Oracle licensing complexities
  • Oracle processor license
  • Oracle named user license
  • Oracle options (components)

1-day FNM-1550: IBM License Management with FlexNet Manager Suite

  • IBM Licensing Complexities
  • IBM User-Based Licensing
  • IBM Processor-Based Licensing
  • IBM Sub-Capacity Licensing
  • ILMT

To receive more information, please email education@flexerasoftware.com.