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Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software. Our next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. Over 80,000 customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source for the knowledge and expertise we have gained as the marketplace leader for over 25 years and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products.

The Flexera Software Story

Application usage has turned strategic. In the enterprise, applications have moved from aiding to running the business. Applications also deliver the competitive advantage for intelligent and internet-connected hardware. And, the strategic future for applications is shifting away from perpetual licensing and towards highly optimized, usage-based pricing. Yet application usage is among the least well managed of strategic resources.

The trend to strategically manage application usage has been rapidly driven to a tipping point by external influences; including:

  • An exponential growth in the numbers of applications and their total monetary value
  • A transformation in the role of applications from “nice-to-have tools” to “must-have strategic solutions”
  • The recent, rapid growth in mobile, SaaS, cloud, virtualization and other technology trends
  • Global economic pressures that squeeze every enterprise such that “optimizing value” has become a strategic imperative across all business processes and assets
  • A highly competitive global economy that drives software developers and hardware manufacturers to better optimize and protect their valuable software assets

Enterprises now see corporate procurement getting more involved, and in some cases assuming leadership, as the enterprise moves beyond a narrow focus on software price discounts to a broader strategy of optimizing enterprise-wide application usage.

Software vendors, traditionally focused more on developing and expanding their product portfolio, now recognize the increasing importance of managing application usage to protect their IP and maximize its value. Hardware manufacturers are rapidly transforming to become solution providers, differentiated and made more profitable by software.

Why Application Producers Choose Flexera Software

Application producers turn to us to help them strategically manage the usage of their software products and increase the value they derive in monetizing their intellectual property. Flexera Software uniquely provides software installation and Software Monetization solutions to manage software through its lifecycle—from the time it’s developed, configured, entitled, delivered and updated at customer sites.

Software monetization solutions empower application producers to increase new and recurring revenues and reduce operating costs. Unlike homegrown systems, our solutions enable application producers to future-proof their products from technology changes and to adapt to evolving business and licensing model needs with flexible product protection, monetization and packaging while efficiently automating software delivery and back-office entitlement management processes

Installation solutions have been the "gold standard” for creating professional and reliable installers that meet the exacting standards of today’s global application producer. Our software installer solutions support both traditional and agile development teams as well as the need for packaging standalone offerings and complex suites.

At Flexera Software, we’re delivering application producers a single pane of glass to manage application usage and value across the software lifecycle—across customers, licensing models and deployment models.

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  • Ensure compliance and optimize spend
  • Set up an enterprise app store
  • Assess application compatibility
  • Package and patch applications
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks
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