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28 January 2016

‘Everything as a service’ – IoT is transforming objects into services


It used to be that when you bought a product you had only one opportunity to buy the model most tailored to your needs because you were stuck with it until the time came to replace it. The object – be it a lightbulb or copier, an MRI machine or piece of telecommunications equipment – was fixed and unchanging, fixed in time and commencing obsolescence from the moment you purchased it.

12 January 2016

How Intelligent Device Manufacturing Companies Can Benefit From Software Entitlements

Manufacturing Business Technology

The traditional manufacturing model for intelligent devices is shifting. The model is moving away from long design and production lead times, physical product variants and complex supply chains, toward a new era in which manufacturers require the ability to go to market faster with differentiated product offerings. Manufacturers are increasingly leveraging software to “add value and differentiate” and are essentially transforming into software companies.