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Why Device Manufacturers Should Look To a Purpose-Built Software Monetization Solution

Hear Jim Ryan, CEO of Flexera Software discuss why device manufacturers need Software Monetization to survive and thrive – and why they shouldn’t build it themselves.


The Physical to Digital Shift with Software Monetization

Watch the video to see how Alex deploys a Software Monetization strategy that encompasses software licensing, entitlement management, electronic software delivery, in-product analytics and more.


Richard Jenny from ADVA Optical Networking: Why Overture Networks Opted for a Software Monetization Solution

Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps at ADVA Optical Networking (fka Overture Networks), discusses why they decided to leverage Flexera Software for their Software Monetization needs instead of building their own software licensing, entitlement management and software update functionality in a "homegrown&…

InstallAnywhere 2017: What's New Webinar Q & A


The webinar, What's New in InstallAnywhere 2017, highlights InstallAnywhere's the use of templates and reusable design themes and installer rules that improve developer productivity and control. Additional features enable an improved user installation experience and provide expanded support for installing databases and deploying Docker images. It also provided a great Q&A session, which resulted in the important information below. Need more? Don&rsq…

Migrating your Entitlement Management System – Project Management Best Practices (3 of 4)


There are many aspects to consider when migrating to a new entitlement management system. In the last two blogs of this series, we discussed migration approaches and how to handle difficult data. Now, let’s have a look at project management best practices. Before you start migrating your entitlement management system, you should take some time to plan your project accordingly, align with stakeholders and ensure you have the resources available th…

Managing Software Licenses and Entitlements in Complex Organization Hierarchies


Most software vendors are proud to call large, global enterprises their customers. However, only few appreciate the effort that these enterprises have to invest to stay in control and manage licenses within their organization, and consequently only few software vendors provide their enterprise customers with the right tools to streamline the related processes. Enterprises using software are challenged with managing licenses, entitlements and devices wi…

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Siemens Building Technologies: Drives New and Incremental Revenue Streams with FlexNet Producer Suite

Success Story

Siemens Building Technologies wanted a single software monetization platform and standardized processes. They partnered with Flexera Software to drive new and incremental revenue streams and to automate operating and ordering processes.

PolySync: Industry Leader Monetizing the Internet of Things for New Opportunities

Success Story

See how an industry leader in autonomous vehicles is leveraging proven software licensing, entitlement management and software delivery and update technology to monetize the Internet of Things!

Success Story

Prsym Partners with Flexera Software to Transform from Hardware to Software-Centric Model

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled Prysm to move from a hardware-centric, perpetual licensing model to a more software-centric model that allows charging by user, by feature type and by consumption.

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Software Monetization Maturity Model

White Paper

Learn how to fuel growth with product innovation, new revenue streams, higher renewal rates and more efficient operations.

Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy

White Paper

This white paper offers insight on how application producers can introduce a subscription licensing model into their software monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation and offer customers a compelling experience.

Application Usage Management Report: The Third Industrial Revolution

White Paper

The Application Usage Management survey was conducted by Flexera Software with input from IDC’s Amy Konary, research vice president – software licensing and provisioning at IDC. This annual research project looks at application usage management trends and best practices.

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10 Steps to Simplify your Windows 10 Migration

Keynote presentation by Mike O’Connor, Senior Solution Engineer at Flexera Software. This session looks to answer these questions for the audience and highlights challenges faced by many organizations as they embark on a project of this size. 1. How do I find out what applications are installed on our devices? 2. Do we really need all of those applications? 3. Is there a library o…

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Webinar: Making the Move to SaaS - Commercial and Licensing Implications

Join Flexera Software and Duncan Jones from Forrester for a webinar on how to prepare for your transition to SaaS and subscriptions and the implications for license management.

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Cybersecurity Strategy Must Include Software License Optimization

A full enterprise wide hardware and software asset inventory provides the essential “evidence” agencies use to detect unlicensed and/or unauthorized IT assets