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Software Lifecycle

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Our market-leading products help companies increase the usage and value they realize from their software by strategically managing application usage across the entire software lifecycle. Market-leading brands such as InstallShield, FlexNet Licensing and FlexNet Operations are used by over 80,000 customers globally.

Products for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers deliver the software licensing, software installation, entitlement management and software delivery capabilities needed to cost effectively boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

Flexera Software products, combined with our Global Consulting Services and Training, deliver the business solutions companies need to increase usage and the value of their products across the entire software lifecycle.



Easily author reliable Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript installations and App-V virtual packages for Windows platforms, including the new Windows 8. Keep your customers happy and your support costs down. From a single project file and build environment, create reliable multiplatform installations for on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.

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FlexNet Licensing is the market-leader in software monetization, enabling you to support software licensing models from strict enforcement to usage-based and subscription. FlexNet Licensing is part of a comprehensive suite. Learn more about our FlexNet Producer Suite for Software Vendors and FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers.

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for Application Producers

for Enterprises

(Companies that buy and use software)

  • Optimize software spend
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Setup an enterprise app store
  • Assess application compatibility
  • Package applications for deployment
  • Brands: AdminStudio, FlexNet Manager, App Portal

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