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Create Multiplatform Installations from a Single Project File – Physical, Cloud, and Virtual Environments

InstallAnywhere is the leading multiplatform installation development solution for application producers who need to deliver a professional and consistent cross installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments. InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for on-premises platforms – Windows, Linux, Apple, Solaris, AIX , HP-UX, and IBM – and enables you to take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure, and create Docker containers—all from a single InstallAnywhere project.

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If you develop applications for multiple platforms in both on-premises and virtual environments, trying to manually create installations for each one is a time-consuming and error-prone process. It often leads to release delays and installation errors that frustrate end users and increase your support costs. For some, a lack of internal resources and skills may even prohibit them from taking advantage of the cloud and virtual environments, and emerging platforms such as Docker.

The first installation development solution to support the Docker open source platform, InstallAnywhere makes it easy for even the most novice multiplatform installation developer to create professional installation software for virtually any platform in both physical and virtual environments as well as container deployments. It is available in two editions: Professional and Premier.

Reduce software development time

  • Build a multiplatform installation project in minutes with the Project Wizard and Advanced Designer – no coding needed
  • Install software on multiple platforms and in both physical and virtual environments using one project file
  • Create installers of your most complex applications with advanced customization and configuration options and accessibility support

Impress end users with customized installations

  • Create installers that match your company and product branding using custom graphics, animation, and transparent images
  • Automatically localize installing text in 31 different languages
  • Give multiplatform installations the platform-specific functionality they need using extensive set of standard actions and custom code APIs

Simplify virtualization and cloud-based deployments

  • Easily create cloud-ready virtual appliances to deploy multiplatform applications automatically to Amazon EC2
  • Easily create enterprise-ready virtual appliances to deploy multiplatform applications automatically, OVF 1.1 Compliant

Build Docker images from any InstallAnywhere project*

  • Automatically create Docker images and traditional installers from a single InstallAnywhere project

What’s New in InstallAnywhere 2015

  • ENHANCED Create Java-based Installations for Multiplatform Applications, including Windows® 10 – Save time by creating a single installation project to build installations for each of the platforms your applications support, including the latest updates from Windows®, Apple®, Linux®, Solaris®, HP-UX, AIX and IBM®. Easily support platform-specific installation requirements, read and set system environment variables, create aliases, install shortcuts and links, and manage Windows services and registry edits. Create 64-bit installations to install applications into Windows Server Core environments where the 32-bit subsystem has been disabled. (Premier and Professional Editions)
  • NEW Support Latest Microsoft® Certificate Requirements – Be prepared for 2016’s new signature requirements with support for SHA-256 certificates and digests. (Premier and Professional Editions)
  • ENHANCED Install Web Apps to Tomcat and WebSphere® – With just a few clicks, create installers that can securely deploy WAR and EAR files to Apache Tomcat and IBM® WebSphere. Built-in panels make it easy for the installing user to specify the web server’s host name and credentials. When installing to WebSphere, the built-in panels additionally account for capturing the customer’s SSL truststore and password, SOAP ports, and Administrative Security information. These variables are all predefined and could optionally be added to custom panels if preferred. (Premier Edition)
  • ENHANCED Create Installs that Connect to IBM DB2, Microsoft® SQL, and MySQL – Simplify development of installations for complex applications by ensuring your installations can easily connect to the leading database servers; IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL. Built-in panels give your users the ability to easily connect installations to their preferred database server. (Premier Edition)
  • ENHANCED Powerful Multiplatform Development Environment Support – Improve efficiency by creating installers from the same platform on which your Java or multiplatform application is coded, such as Windows 10, OS X 10.10 and popular Linux distributions. Efficiencies include an intuitive user interface for easier navigation, Merge Modules that enable you to reuse shared code across multiple InstallAnywhere projects, and a Java-based automation interface to script common tasks. InstallAnywhere helps enable customer compliance and license management by supporting the addition of ISO-19770-2 software identification tags during the installation build process. (Premier and Professional Editions)
  • NEW Build Docker Images from Any InstallAnywhere Project* – Increase your deployment options and simplify installation development by automatically creating both Docker images and traditional multiplatform installers from a single InstallAnywhere project:
    • Easily search and pull images from public and private Docker repositories to build containers that run your distributed applications on any system or machine where Docker is supported – virtual, physical or cloud.
    • When designing the Docker image, InstallAnywhere automatically creates Dockerfiles, easily customizable with your edits.

*Requires InstallAnywhere Premier Edition with Virtualization and Cloud

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for Application Producers

for Enterprises

(Companies that buy and use software)

  • Ensure compliance and optimize spend
  • Set up an enterprise app store
  • Assess application compatibility
  • Package and patch applications
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Brands: AdminStudio, FlexNet Manager, App Portal, Corporate Software Inspector, Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

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