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How the World Builds MSI and EXE Installers and UWP and WSA Packages for Windows Applications


Microsoft Ignite 2016: Breakout Session Focuses on Project Centennial, UWP


Flexera Software continues the momentum created with the launch of the InstallShield 2016 by co-presenting a breakout session during Microsoft Ignite 2016 Sept. 26-30, 2016. Senior Product Manager Ken Hilker at Flexera Software and Rajen Kishna, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft will present: Bring Existing Desktop Apps to the Universal Windows Platform (Project Centennial) BRK2027 Tuesday, Sept. 27, 12:30 pm Room A315 Enabling existing desktop apps t…

InstallShield 2016 Supports Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update Announcement for Desktop Bridge


The new release of InstallShield 2016 supports the transition to Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge (formerly known as Project Centennial) and Windows Server Apps (WSAs) with automatic compatibility tests and continuous build capabilities. “Working in parallel with Microsoft, we are making it easy to transition existing InstallShield MSI projects to build Universal Windows Platform and Windows Server App packages. InstallShield is the only product t…

InstallShield 2016 Launches with Desktop Bridge and Windows Server Support


InstallShield 2016 is here! Learn how to prepare your apps for the future when you attend the complimentary webinar, “What’s New in InstallShield 2016”: North American: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, 10:00 am CT Europe and Middle East: Thursday, 15 Sept. 2016, 10:00 am UK Asia Pacific: Thursday, 15 Sept. 2016, 10:00 am Sydney Feature highlights in this release: Test your app for compatibility with Universal Windows Platform (UPW) app package…

New Training Service for Suite Installations


Are you ready to move a single suite installation for your customers? For training on simplifying multiple installs into one, here’s a new service that can help. The InstallShield MicroConsulting Service provides flexible, eight-hour packages of training for use as needed with remote delivery. One of the topics, "Introduction to Suite Installer Projects," covers the basics on: Creating a suite project Suite properties Exit conditions Org…

Responding to Missing Source File Errors in InstallShield


If the build process cannot find a source file because it has been renamed or deleted, the build process returns error –6103 (“Could not find file file”) and –1007 (“Cannot copy source file to target directory”). Two features of InstallShield can help you work with source files—path variables and dynamic file linking. Path variables are variables used by the InstallShield build process to represent the locations…

Docker: Three Basics


Facing a complex world of micro-services, libraries, infrastructure and more? Docker technology offers development teams a way to simplify complicated scaling and deployment. To get started, check out these basics. Basic #1: What is Docker? It offers an open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications as containers, including: Application, binaries and libraries in containers A single OS for each application A lightweight structure for effi…

Adding Configurations with the InstallShield Automation Interface


You can use the InstallShield Automation Interface to add product configurations and releases to an InstallShield project using the AddProductConfig and AddRelease methods. After adding a product configuration or release, you specify its properties (the properties you would ordinarily enter in the Release Wizard) using the individual automation properties of the ISWiProductConfig or ISWiRelease object you created. For example, suppose you want to create…

Stop Guessing and Start Making Better Product Decisions


How product analytics can eliminate blind spots and improve key planning activities like product roadmaps, end-of-life and more. Good news - you have a boat. Bad news - you don’t have a rudder. You know that making product decisions (e.g. product roadmaps, end-of-life timelines) based on anecdotal information poses real challenges. It’s like a boat without a rudder – you can’t steer your products in the right direction with certa…

SoftSummit 2016 North America: Software Monetization – Transform. Optimize. Profit.


Now in its 14th consecutive year, SoftSummit, the premier software monetization and digital business model transformation event for software producers, intelligent device manufacturers and IoT providers is coming to San Jose, California on October 12, 2016. SoftSummit delivers an interactive format with informative speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities. We bring together industry analysts, thought-leaders, subject matter experts, and…

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