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FlexNet Connect

Automated Electronic Software & Firmware Updates, In-Product Messaging & Analytics for Better Decision-Making

FlexNet Connect® provides application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) the most efficient way to provide end-users with the latest software/firmware updates and to obtain valuable insight on their product use. FlexNet Connect manages rule-based software update delivery, displays in-product messages, and automatically reports key information about the installed base.

Entitlement Driven Updates Made Easy
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Do you know what products, versions and features your customers value in your products? Do you handle a lot of support calls related to outdated versions of your products? Do your products require frequent or critical updates? Are you supporting customers that are not current on maintenance? Are you able to debug application issues on remote devices?

FlexNet Connect enables application producers to gain insights into what your installed base is using and values in your products. This will help you make smarter product decisions and create up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.

FlexNet Connect also delivers software/firmware updates and patches, data and marketing messages, such as reminders for expiring maintenance, directly to your end-users' systems. The users of your software products expect easy access to the latest updates and to be notified of important announcements.

With FlexNet Connect, you have the power to keep your users updated – regardless of which operating system they use. This electronic software update solution also provides information on how customers are using your software, which is invaluable to  product development and marketing.

FlexNet Connect is a key component of the FlexNet Producer Suite, and is offered as a cloud, software as a service or as an on-premises solution, and has a distribution of over 100 million devices.

Derive deep customer insights

  • Better knowledge of your installed base such as data on number of customers by product and version, by machine characteristics (e.g. operating system) and more
  • Target marketing campaigns based on installed product and version, machine characteristics and more
  • Collect anonymous usage data—log files and crash reports—to identify, prioritize and correct end-user problems
  • Retrieve remote diagnostics and deep install base intelligence from software embedded on devices, or desktop and server based applications to reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction

Cut Costs with Automated Software/Firmware Updates

  • Reduce support costs by keeping users on your most current version
  • Cut product fulfillment costs for update delivery
  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively delivering electronic updates

Improve Customer Communication with In-Product Messaging

  • Deliver targeted marketing messages based on installed product and version, language, machine characteristics and more
  • Target users based on their product version, location, entitlement status, and more
  • Reach all of your customers directly, even if they purchased through a reseller

Get more value with FlexNet Connect Cloud when it is used with:

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for Enterprises

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  • Ensure compliance and optimize spend
  • Set up an enterprise app store
  • Assess application compatibility
  • Package and patch applications
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks
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