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FlexNet Connect: Features

Gain Insight & Stay Connected to Customers with Electronic Software and Firmware Updates, In-Product Messaging & Detailed Reporting

FlexNet Connect® provides application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) the most efficient way to provide end-users with the latest software/firmware updates and to obtain valuable insight on their product use. FlexNet Connect manages rule-based software update delivery, displays in-product messages, and automatically reports key information about the installed base.

Entitlement Driven Updates Made Easy
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FlexNet Connect is available as an on-premises or a cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. It gives software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers and enterprise IT the most efficient way to provide end-users with the latest software updates and to obtain valuable insight on their product use. FlexNet Connect manages rule-based software update delivery, displays in-product messages, and automatically reports key information about the installed base.

Software / Firmware Updates

BAq6t36e0Sk Target updates to users based on conditions such as installed product versions, machine characteristics, or producer defined criteria. Flexibility to use FlexNet Connect Client UI or a custom designed end user UIclient. Customize update experience with producer-defined User Interface or using Flexera Software’s pre-built User Interface. Support for HTTP, HTTPs and FTP based downloads, multiple update presentation modes, multiple update formats and languages. Can handle updates with over 2GB files. Update authoring UI for release managers.

Manage update release process with pause and resume, preview, test and stagger rollout. View update success report including percentage of users who viewed, clicked, downloaded and installed the update. Host and deliver updates electronically.

Entitlement Driven Updates

4nZkmPmUS4Q Integrate FlexNet Connect with FlexNet Operations Cloud to check entitlements prior to presenting updates. Authenticate users against a back-office system so only real users are eligible to receive software / firmware updates. Server-side conditions are invoked prior to presenting a notification to the user. If the user is entitled to receive the update, a modified time expiring URL can be sent to the user for a secure download of the update.

In-Application Client

Allows producer full control of the update experience and single API of platform. Handles update availability check, software download, messages and the ability to send product intelligence data. API to track download progress and handle recovery (e.g. network dropped, pause/resume). Porting kit enables users to embed FlexNet Connect to any embedded device real time operating system. URL update locations expire to enable secure downloading of updates.

In-Application Messaging

Communicate directly with end users of applications. Launch campaigns by sending a series of HTML messages at pre-defined times to people using or evaluating your software. Target messages based on conditions such as installed product versions, machine characteristics, or producer defined criteria. Receive marketing message reports showing percentage of users who viewed and clicked on a given message.

Automated Installed Base Analytics

FlexNet Connect comes standard with a series of pre-built reports including: demographic, event-specific, machine profile, installed base, and messages viewed. Reports can be viewed in a time-based graphical or grid report. Reports can be permanently saved as an XML, XLS or CSV file and shared with team members. User-specific report settings allow default settings to be defined. Multiple versions of a product can be saved as a single group or reports generated on the entire group at once.

  • Demographic – Browsers, time zones, locales and Operating Systems
  • Event-Specific – Number of users who downloaded software updates, started the installation process and successfully installed the files
  • License Abuse – Serial numbers used in registration, allowing users to easily detect piracy and license abuse
  • Machine Profile – If your relationship with your users explicitly permits, FlexNet Connect allows you to tie one or many pieces of data - serial number and operating system for instance - to a specific machine
  • Installed Base – Measure the number of unique users of your software by software version.
  • Messages Viewed – Number of customers that have viewed your latest messages and what messages provide the highest click-through rates. Refine your positioning by changing your message and monitoring how it affects your results
  • Time-Based Graphical or Grid Reporting – viewed in either a simple data grid or data graphed over time. The grid provides a snap shot of your usage data. The time-based reporting provides a graphical view of your usage data using daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly totals
  • User-Specific Report Settings – define your own default report settings (such as date range, product groups, and graph types), so that each time you log in, your reporting preferences are automatically available

Remote Device Diagnostics

3Y2MwlqaMkcThe Device Viewer provides users with the ability to retrieve remote diagnostics and deep installed base intelligence from embedded software on devices, or desktop and server based applications. Type of information includes profile information specific to the device such as operating systems, application updates and event data.

Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery Model

The cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model provides lower upfront costs, rapid deployment and implementation and access anytime, anywhere on any device with a web browser. The application is running in the Flexera Software datacenter on our high-availability platform so users experience high-uptime operational service levels and shorter time to value.

On-Demand is simply a way to deliver applications over the internet—as a service—freeing IT from complex and costly software and hardware infrastructure requirements. The On-Demand deployment model:

  • Lowers initial license costs—subscription-based SaaS licensing is usually considered an operating expense
  • Reduces and simplifies deployment—hosted applications generally result in lower enterprise IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage and support it—even as the user base grows
  • Provides scalability to meet diverse customer needs—a true multitenant architecture allows the solution to easily scale up to meet capacity requirements
  • Eliminates the upgrade process—no patches for customers to download or install—Flexera Software manages availability, updates and upgrades

FlexNet Enterprise Update Management

hmslAR3eL0A A portal for enterprise IT control enables enterprise administrators to control update distribution to business units and locations with FlexNet Enterprise Update Management. This allows enterprises to define multiple business units with their own administrators who to approve or reject updates based on permissions. It also give administrators the ability to download approved updates once and distribute within the firewall to machines that aren’t attached to the internet. Gathers instrumentation and product intelligence data from end user machines even when they are not connected directly to the internet. Reports identify machines that have successful or failed updates.

FlexNet Instrumentation Management

Anonymous application data includes application logs, crash reports and similar data from end user machines to help analyze problems in the installed base with FlexNet Instrumentation Management. This adds the ability to do remote diagnostics of end user systems.

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for Application Producers

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  • Optimize software spend
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Setup an enterprise app store
  • Assess application compatibility
  • Package applications for deployment
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