AdminStudio: Features

Single Solution for Reliable MSI Packaging, Application Virtualization, Windows 7 and 8 Migration and Mobile App Management

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AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, AdminStudio streamlines the Application Readiness process and seamlessly hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.

Enhanced Seamless Integration with App Portal and FlexNet Manager Platform Enterprise Edition

With this enhanced integration, App Portal catalog setup tasks can be done directly in AdminStudio eliminating the need for additional setup by the App Portal Admin.

Now you can search for the Flexera Identifier within the FlexNet Manager Platform, control the automatic creation of an App Portal catalog item, and specify an application’s catalog item title, descriptions, categories, templates and keywords directly in AdminStudio Application Manager. When applications are deployed to Microsoft System Center or Altiris, they will be immediately available in App Portal for users to request them.

Repackager Enterprise, Professional and Standard Editions

Convert any setup into pure Windows Installer package. Ensure successful deployment, long-term reliability, and problem-free coexistence with the other applications by migrating software to the Windows Installer (MSI) format.

AdminStudio has the ability to convert any setup into a pure MSI package. The enhanced Repackager does all the work for you quickly and accurately. No more waiting for snapshots or scrolling through file exclusion lists— all the system changes made by a setup — and only those changes — are automatically captured. You get the most accurate MSI possible, and you get it in far less time.

Advanced Editing and Authoring with InstallShield 2013 InstallShield 2013 Premier Edition is included with Enterprise Edition of AdminStudio, InstallShield 2013 is included with Professional and Standard Editions of AdminStudio

Create and edit MSI installations, virtual profiles, patches and transforms with the latest version of the world's leading MSI authoring and editing tool, InstallShield 2013, for advanced MSI package customization and authoring.

Applications Manager Enterprise and Professional Editions

Reduce the costs and complexity of maintaining multiple solutions and repositories by centrally managing Windows Installer packages (MSIs), web applications, virtual application packages and mobile apps.

Test Center Enterprise and Professional Editions

Simplify and streamline all phases of application compatibility testing with unified reporting and issue management. Test Center allows you to execute a broad range of compatibility, validation and conflict tests, manage and remediate issues, and monitor overall status in a single location.

By standardizing the management of issues, IT teams can be more productive and deliver applications to users faster and more reliably. In Test Center you can manage the resolution of issues efficiently with the ability to filter results by test category and resolve a single set of issues, groups of issues, or all issues as well as suppress tests that the packaging team feels should not be run.

Report Center Enterprise Edition

Continuous management reporting provides an overall view of the application readiness for each of your applications.

Customizable reports and dashboards allow reporting on any parameter of the Application Manager providing decision support for choosing the appropriate delivery/deployment technology. Predefined reports on application deployment types and application validation are also included.

PowerShell APIs Enterprise Edition

Powerful task automation APIs enable you to sequence individual AdminStudio tasks to perform higher-level processes such as importing packages, checking for virtualization readiness, converting to virtualized packages, testing packages, distributing to enterprise deployment tools and other custom tasks required.

Enhanced Distribution Wizard Enterprise and Professional Editions

Automatically distribute packages to leading deployment solutions, including Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Citrix XenApp, Novell® ZENworks®, LANDesk® Management Suite, Symantec™ Altiris Client Management Suite and other popular vendors. AdminStudio can also publish internal Apple iOS mobile applications to AirWatch, a leading global Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider.*

*Requires AdminStudio Mobile Pack Enterprise and Professional Editions

AdminStudio also facilitates distributing packages via network destinations, FTP servers, administrative installations, and more.

Support for Multiple Environments Enterprise and Professional Editions

Utilize multiple Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager environments. Create separate environments for test and production or run both System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and 2012, connecting them to the same instance of AdminStudio Application Manager.

This capability is valuable for enterprises that have a staged process in which repacked applications are tested in one environment then promoted to another to ensure high-quality packaging and deployment. It is also beneficial in environments that are migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to 2012.

Bulk Import from Configuration Manager 2012 and 2007 Enterprise and Professional Editions

Speed your migration to Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, and quickly transition from its previous package-based model to its new application-based model. Application Manager's Import Wizard offers a new option to perform a bulk import of applications from Configuration Manager 2012, while maintaining its support for package import from earlier releases of Configuration Manager.

Detect, View and Edit System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Application Metadata Enterprise and Professional Editions

Automatically gather metadata by mining package elements such as detection methods, requirements, and dependencies to populate the new application model in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. All of this metadata, which you can easily view and edit in AdminStudio, is transferred directly to Configuration Manager upon application publication.

ISO 19770-2 Software Tagging Standard, Enterprise and Professional Editions

Automatic ISO 19770-2 software tagging, enables more efficient software asset management and license optimization processes. An application's tag file contains accurate descriptive information (publisher, name, version, etc.) that can be collected and analyzed to provide an accurate application inventory.

Enhanced Tuner Enterprise, Professional and Standard Editions

The enhanced Tuner is a standalone tool that helps improve productivity by allowing more structured handling and packaging of applications. Customize Windows Installer packages to meet your company-specific requirements. The Tuner uses a Microsoft standard approach to modify Windows Installer applications and tailor the installation to the needs of individual groups or departments. The enhanced Tuner allows the creation of transforms in the same clean environment used with the standalone Repackager.

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