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How the World Builds App-V Packages and MSI Installers for Windows Applications

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InstallShield® is the world's leading Windows installation development solution. InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installations for desktop, server, Web, and mobile applications. InstallShield is the only software installer that can build Microsoft App-V virtual packages.

The World's Most Powerful Windows Installation-Authoring Solution – Period

The top-tier InstallShield Premier Edition is the world's most powerful and flexible solution for Windows installations. Software companies serious about providing reliable, professional installations for their applications trust InstallShield Premier Edition. Try it now and see.

InstallShield Premier Edition gives you all the capabilities of our Professional Edition, plus tons of exclusive functionality, including:

  • Simplify multi-tiered installations—Use multi-tier installation templates to deploy web/server applications as a single cloud-ready package.
  • Automate installing Windows roles and features—Avoid the risk of manual tasks by automatically installing Windows roles and features with an application's installation.
  • Run PowerShell scripts from Suite / Advanced UI installations—Streamline server configuration tasks by running PowerShell scripts - the enterprise scripting language of choice.
  • Create Microsoft App-V installations—Build both physical and virtual application packages from the same build process.
  • Virtualization suitability testing—Ensure applications are compatible with enterprise application virtualization technologies, such as Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp.
  • Sideloading Windows store apps—sideload Windows Store app packages (.appx), enabling Windows Store apps and desktop applications to be bundled and installed through a single installer outside the Windows Store.
  • Enhanced suite capabilities—Ability to import and reference PRQ files as Suite packages, dynamic links for Suite packages, advanced reporting and logging on Suite packages as well as a new UI for custom conditions.
  • Support complex requirements with minimal scripting or coding—With the InstallShield Suite/Advanced UI Project type, multiple products can be easily bundled together into a single, unified suite installation, eliminating the need to develop a custom launcher or bootstrapper application.
  • Provide a streamlined experience—End users only need to download a small file to quickly start the installation.
  • Leverage the advances offered by 64-bit operating systems—The most comprehensive support for 64-bit installation development including 64-bit dependency scanning, setting permissions for files, folders and registry keys, and a prerequisite that installs the 64-bit version of the Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime.
  • Maintain a clean build system—Each license of InstallShield Premier Edition includes five free Standalone Build licenses.
  • Support distributed, collaborative installation development—The InstallShield Collaboration add-on allows distributed product developers and technical writers to more efficiently create and manage their content of the installation. Premier Edition includes 5 licenses of Developer Installation Manifest Editor.
  • Avoid common installation issues—Validators in the InstallShield Best Practices Validation Suite alert you if your installation violates any best practices guidelines.
  • Localize your installation—InstallShield's multilingual support lets you create installations for 35 runtime languages from one installation project.
  • Quickly roll out new installations—With network repositories, it's easy to build a repository of common elements that multiple installation authors can access and reuse in projects.
  • Save time with the IIS Scanner—Only the Premier Edition allows you to import the IIS data from an existing Web site into your InstallShield project automatically using the IIS Scanner.

InstallShield Premier Edition is available as a node-locked or concurrent license.

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