Macrovision's FlexNet Connect Keeps Software Producers and Customers Connected

New version of FlexNet Connect allows software producers to establish more valuable customer relationships by enabling more responsive, direct, two-way communications with customers

SANTA CLARA, CA - September 12, 2006 Macrovision® Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN) today announced significant enhancements to its FlexNet Update Service technology. The new product, now called FlexNet Connect, allows software producers to reduce operational and support costs, streamline customer communication, improve marketing and focus development on the features and elements most important to their customers.

Software vendors have difficulty communicating with customers about their software once their products have been installed at the customer's site. With FlexNet Connect 6, software producers can meet this challenge and establish more valuable customer relationships by connecting directly with their customers through the software they sell.

FlexNet Connect's embedded software agent enables software producers to create electronic connections with their customers to deliver applications, patches, updates and messages directly to users or their administrators while simultaneously gathering anonymous usage data. By connecting with customers in this way, software producers gain a competitive advantage measured in improved customer satisfaction, more effective product support and real-time intelligence about how customers use their software.

"Successful software producers maintain an ongoing dialogue that connects their vision with their customers' needs," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision Corporation. "FlexNet Connect opens a uniquely powerful communication channel between the software producer and the customer that's essential for getting the most value out of software investments."

FlexNet Connect 6 also features a new capability – entitlement-based software delivery. By basing new software delivery on a customer's maintenance or entitlement status, software producers can have more control over who receives their products – increasing the value of maintenance contracts and helping vendors stay compliant with good business practices.

FlexNet Connect determines whether a customer is entitled to receive software through links to the software producer's back-office systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) applications and Macrovision's own FlexNet Operations entitlement management system.

Other core offerings included in the newest version of FlexNet Connect include:

  • Reduced Operational and Support Costs with Electronic Software Delivery: Keep entitled customers current with the newest product version therefore reducing support costs, improving customer satisfaction and simplifying maintenance plans.
  • Improved Customer Communication with Targeted In-Product Messaging: Target specific users based on different criteria factors to receive marketing messages at their most receptive moment – when they are actively using or evaluating the product.
  • Improve Marketing and Focus Development with Product Usage Data: Capture real-time, anonymous data about your installed customer base, including the number of users on different versions and which features are most popular.

FlexNet Connect 6 is available today.




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