Executive Insights to Help You Capitalize on the IoT

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Learn how Software Monetization can help you capitalize on the Internet of Things (IoT) –  including what that transformation means for your supply chain.

There’s no refuting that the Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing rapid growth as billions of devices have become interconnected throughout the globe, largely fueled by software.

The only way to survive, thrive and make money in today’s software-focused world is to have a strong Software Monetization strategy using flexible software licensing technology that helps you drive new and recurring revenue streams.

If you’re like many device manufacturers you know you need to shift to a software-centric model, but HOW will you do it – and how will it impact your supply chain?

1. Build or Buy: Why Device Manufacturers Should Look To a Purpose-Built Software Monetization Solution

No doubt you’ve read about how software is “eating the world,” how every company is becoming a software company and how the Internet of Things will impact our lives. At the core of all this hype is software as product differentiation is coming from the software on the device, not the device itself.

Watch Jim Ryan, CEO of Flexera discuss why device manufacturers need Software Monetization to survive and thrive – and why they shouldn’t build it themselves. As Jim states in the video below – if you needed a payroll system, would you build it yourself? Or would you look to a commercial solution that can scale to support your business? Same goes with Software Monetization – learn how in the video below:



2. Business Transformation: Software Monetization Critical for Successful Business Transformation

Over the last several years many hardware manufacturers – from startups to global conglomerates – have asked, “How do I transform my hardware business model and supply chain processes to support a software business?”

Watch the brief video below from Randy Littleson, [former] Senior Vice President of Marketing to learn why Software Monetization is critical to the successful transformation from a hardware- to software-centric business with software licensing, entitlement management, software delivery and more. Video below:


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    I’ve been looking for a very good explanation on how to capitalize on the IoT.
    We are offering Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions and we are thinking about IoT.


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