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George Mason University Abandons "Sneakernet" for Macrovision's AdminStudio Technology

AdminStudio replaces manual installations by enabling centralized application packaging and automatic deployment

SANTA CLARA, CA - Oct 10, 2006 - Macrovision (NASDAQ: MVSN) announced today the benefits George Mason University has experienced since the deployment of Macrovision's AdminStudio and Workflow Manager technologies across four campuses.

Many universities rely on the "sneakernet," a manual installation process that is slow, results in inconsistent application configurations and stretches faculty patience. Faced with this bottleneck, George Mason University decided to implement an automated application distribution process and chose Macrovision's AdminStudio and Workflow Manager from a selection of potential solutions.

AdminStudio was fully implemented by the George Mason University IT team in less than six months, enabling them to prepare high quality, automated application packages. The team was able to standardize their installer packages and centralize the packaging and distribution process across all four campuses from their main Fairfax, VA location. Using Workflow Manager, the team was also able to monitor the software packaging process efficiently and track the status of application requests.

"In a college environment, instructional applications are mission-critical—when applications are not installed, instructors can't teach," said Matthew Silverman, senior manager of electronic classroom support, George Mason University. "The applications packaged by AdminStudio resulted in the smoothest rollouts I've ever seen and have reaffirmed our stance regarding faculty and student needs as are our immediate priority."

The results George Mason University experienced following the deployment of AdminStudio and Workflow Manager include:


  • 50% reduction in turnaround time: As part of an overall process improvement effort, AdminStudio helped to reduce a seven day roll out process to only three days
  • Significant recovery of technician staff hours: Centralized packaging and distribution recovered at least 10 of the 120 hours of available technician time
  • Cost savings: Streamlined distribution, standardized applications and reduced staff time resulted in significant management cost savings
  • More consistent end-user experience: Standardized application configurations across all four campuses reduced help requests and maximized user convenience
  • Reduced negative feedback from faculty: Rapidly responding to requests and consistent installations reassured the staff that their needs were being addressed

"Colleges and universities have the same requirements to manage their infrastructure as efficiently and effectively as corporate enterprises, as every one of their students and faculty rely on their capability for timely dissemination of information," said Fred Amoroso, President & CEO of Macrovision. "What George Mason University has been able to achieve using AdminStudio and Workflow Manager is a testament to the versatility of this technology and its broad impact on results."

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