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Flexera Software Announces that University of Queensland Has Selected FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises for Software License Optimization

University seeking to reduce software compliance audit risk and optimize software spend

Schaumburg, IL & Melbourne, Australia - Mar 5, 2012 - Flexera Software, the leading provider of Application Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced today that the University of Queensland has selected FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises as its Software  License Optimization solution of choice. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises provides entitlement based license management and optimization to enable organizations to reduce ongoing software licensing costs and maintain continuous license optimization and compliance.

Like many large enterprises and institutions, the University of Queensland has a decentralized structure, with individual faculties each having its own software application requirements and purchasing process. This resulted in a lack of university-wide visibility into what software was owned, who was using it, how it was used and whether use was in compliance with the University's software license agreements. Moreover, the university also needed better tools to track and manage all IT assets, including hardware and other equipment, along with the ability to manage the contracts around those assets.

"We realized this lack of visibility into our software assets exposed us to software audit risk for some applications, as well as the likelihood that we were overspending on others," said Paul Sheeran, ITS executive officer at the University of Queensland. "This was no longer tenable, so we decided to explore options for a solution."

The university undertook an extensive search process, which included consideration of LANDesk, Altiris and KeyServer. Ultimately they decided that FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises was the best fit. Suite components included in the deal are FlexNet Manager Platform, FlexNet Manager for Microsoft, FlexNet Manager for Adobe, and FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, which will be deployed to manage the applications running on the university's 25,000+ devices. The suite's deep functionality provides not just software asset management, but software license optimization capabilities that will enable IT management to reconcile actual usage against its software use rights in order to derive optimal usage. Moreover, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises' strong contract management functionality will provide the IT asset management capabilities to necessary to manage the University's contracts and hardware devices.

The University will also use Flexera Software professional services to help plan and implement the solution. The professional services team's comprehensive implementation capabilities, recommended by existing customers, will help the university understand its current position on the Software License Optimization maturity model and broaden its capabilities to get to the next level - from asset management to continual optimization.

"Reducing audit risk by exposing where we might be over-using software is critical," said Sheeran, "But that's only part of the story. With organization-wide visibility into all applications we've licensed and how they're actually being used, coupled with the ability to tie that usage data to our product use rights - we're hoping to see where we might have over-licensed software and how best to allocate and shift idle licenses to users with actual need - thereby reducing the need to buy additional licenses. This will undoubtedly represent a substantial return on our investment.

"Software license optimization has emerged as a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to lower spend and maximize value for SaaS, Virtual and Cloud-based applications," said Tom Canning, vice president of Flexera Software's business in Asia/Pac. "We are delighted to welcome the University of Queensland as a new Flexera Software customer and look forward to working with them to help ensure a smooth, efficient and cost effective implementation."

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FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises includes the following compenents:

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