Partner Program Overview

Teaming to Deliver Application Readiness, SecOps and Software License Optimization Solutions

Flexera Software works with many technology partners, distributors, resellers, VAR’s and System Integrators worldwide – primarily through our Channel and Sales organizations in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our channel partners are an integral part of our Application Readiness, SecOps and Software License Optimization businesses. We have implemented and continuously enhance a comprehensive channel and alliance program that enables both Flexera Software and our partners to be successful.

For Flexera Software, partnership means working together on joint and shared growth plans, business development and marketing activities to enable both parties to develop and grow a strong business around our solutions, and to provide market leading services and solutions to our customers. We are committed to a channel-first sales model, building simple, effective and honest partnerships.

We work with and enable our partners to sell the market-leading AdminStudio Suite, App Portal, Software Vulnerability solutions and FlexNet Manager Suite products in the various markets we operate in. Helping them and us to increase revenues and drive incremental revenue is our primary goal.

Why partner with Flexera Software?

  • We are dedicated to our channel network and committed to enabling and supporting our partners
  • We understand and appreciate the value of partnerships to achieve joint goals and aspirations
  • We are all about a fair and honest approach to business! We employ a channel-first methodology and look after partner interests with a strict deal registration program
  • Attain attractive discounts as part of our channel benefits program
  • Increase profits by offering best-in-class products
  • Broaden your portfolio by offering high quality marketing-leading solutions
  • Leverage dedicated sales and marketing support
  • Gain a competitive edge by expand services and overall business, and thus realize new revenue opportunities


Introducing the Flexera Software Channel Program

The Flexera Software Channel Program empowers partners focused on reselling our Application Readiness, SecOps and/or Installation solutions to deliver best-of-breed solutions to their customers.

Should your business focus on Software License Optimization solutions please get in touch with us today to discuss individual partnership requirements and benefits with us.

The Flexera Software Channel Program features three levels of membership: Bronze, Silver and Gold. A partner can obtain membership per product area focus; this means a partner can be considered Bronze for one product or product set, and Gold for another product or product set.

Partner membership is determined by continued commitment to Flexera Software. Partner benefits and rewards increase as they advance through the program and ultimately reach Gold status.

Bronze status is our entry level status, offering partners access to basic immediate discounts and benefits.

Silver status can be obtained by partners that are prepared to make a significant commitment to developing their Flexera Software business and obtain certification in the relevant product area. Silver status partners receive a higher level of benefits and discounts.

Gold status is awarded to a number of hand-picked partners in each region. These partners are highly committed to Flexera Software, certified in the relevant product area and have superior sales and technical expertise in selling and supporting the relevant Flexera Software product area.

Channel Program Benefits and Requirements

Sales Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Partner Community Access     X
Sales Leads     X
Sales Training - Online   X X
Joint Business Plan   X X
Local Sales Support   X X
Discounts X X X
Sales Tools X X X
Deal Registration Program X X X
Marketing Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
MDF Support on Case By Case Basis     X
Website Partner Directory Listing   X X
Joint Marketing Plan   X X
Competitive Information   X X
Welcome Package   X X
Company Introduction on Website   X X
Collateral X X X
Partner Newsletter X X X
Partner Status Logo X X X
Technical Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Free Access to Classroom Trainings     X
Partner Enablement Manager - SLO only     X
Partner Support Manager     X
Technical Training - Online   X X
Not For Resale Licenses   X X
Product Communiqué X X X
Product Update Webinars X X X
Requirements Bronze Silver Gold
Named Pre-Sales Specialist for Relevant Solution Area     X
Named Sales Champion for Relevant Solution Area     X
Sales Resources Certified   minimum 2 per relevant solution area minimum 3 per relevant solution area
Technical Resources Certified   minimum 1 per relevant solution area minimum 2 per relevant solution area
Flexera Software Section on Partner Website   X X
Joint Sales and Marketing Plan Agreed   X X
Pipeline Reviews on Regular Basis   X X
Pre-sales Capabilities for Relevant Solution Area   X X
Agreed Upon Sales Targets as Part of Business Plan   X X

Please get in touch with us if you would like to join Flexera Software´s channel network – we look forward to hearing from you!