App Broker for ServiceNow

Extend the Power of the ServiceNow Service Catalog, Optimize Software License Usage, and Automate the Deployment of PC, Mac, Mobile, and Cloud Applications to Employees

Software Governance and Automation for ServiceNow

App Broker for ServiceNow leverages asset management data from FlexNet Manager Suite, including product use rights, to ensure proper governance and compliance over the request and installation of software using the ServiceNow Service Portal.  In addition, App Broker for ServiceNow automates the deployment of applications through popular systems management and mobility management solutions that manage the growing diversity of today’s endpoint devices. 

  • Easily connects to your ServiceNow environment
  • Populates an authorized list of software titles to the IT Service Catalog
  • Evaluates Product Use Rights to know when a license is required
  • Provides advanced license governance and reserves licenses during the request process
  • Expedites software delivery and provisions cloud services
  • Reduces software spending through reclamation of unused software

How It Works

An employee, who needs software, visits ServiceNow Service Catalog to request applications.  Through ServiceNow Orchestration, App Broker first evaluates Product Use Rights to determine whether a license is required.  When a license is required, App Broker checks for an available license and reserves it to ensure on-going software license compliance.  The request is sent through the ServiceNow approval process, and once approved, App Broker directs the appropriate deployment system to deliver the application to the employee’s device.  During the delivery stage, App Broker continually monitors the status of requests and updates the ServiceNow system of record, generating an incident if application delivery is not successful, enabling IT to proactively address any issues.

App Broker for ServiceNow

To further optimize software license consumption and reduce spending on new software licenses, App Broker enables the automation of software reclamation to uninstall applications that are not used or rarely used.  The reclamation of software frees up licenses for reuse and provides data for more informed contract negotiations with software vendors.

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