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Establish Governance to Check License Availability, Obtain Proper Approvals, and Reclaim Unused Licenses with App Portal Software



Windows 10: If Compatibility Is Not a Problem, What Is?

White Paper

In this Windows IT Pro Virtual Trade Show (VTS) webinar, Mike O’Connor, Senior Solution Engineer, Flexera Software, provides guidance for some of the most common types of application risk to be concerned about when migrating to Windows 10. His practical tips will help to ensure that applications are ready and fully supportable once deployed in a Windows 10 environment.

Transform ServiceNow™ into an Enterprise App Store

White Paper

AppBroker™ Software for ServiceNow® transforms the ServiceNow Service Catalog into a universal enterprise app store that automates governance over software license compliance and reclamation. The app store automates the deployment of PC, Mac®, and mobile applications to the user device and provisions cloud-based services, all in a controlled manner.

Human Change Management – the Overlooked Aspect of a Successful Software Asset Management Program

White Paper

Learn how human change management enables organizations to keep SAM projects moving forward to realize business value at each stage of maturity.

Maximizing Value in Software and Cloud Services Procurement

White Paper

Learn how Software License Optimization empowers IT Procurement, sourcing, and vendor management.

Requirements for Selecting a Universal Enterprise App Store

White Paper

Microsoft MVP and technology expert Brien Posey authors this white paper which details seven key requirements to consider when selecting a Universal Enterprise App Store.

Executive Summary: When Applications Attack

White Paper

During a live Webinar, Rod Trent, Engagement Director of Penton Technology Group, discussed the evolving IT landscape and the need for organizations to develop effective application management systems. Timothy Davis, Product Marketing Manager for Flexera Software, described how Flexera Software AdminStudio and App Portal support enterprises with Application Readiness initiatives. This Executive Summary document highlights what was presented during the…

Best Practices for Governance and Compliance using an Enterprise App Store

White Paper

Learn how an enterprise app store can reduce license compliance risks and license fees, while increasing the ROI of the application portfolio. Define and implement a strategy for an enterprise app store software solution following these best practices.

Increase ROI by Integrating an Enterprise App Store with Your Software License Optimization Solution

White Paper

Learn how enterprise app stores can increase the ROI of the app portfolio plus additional insights into the value enterprises can derive from integrating an app store with a Software License Optimization solution.

IDC Technology Spotlight: Application Readiness in Today’s Heterogeneous IT Environment

White Paper

This Technology Spotlight examines the importance of leveraging effective Software Distribution practices in today's increasingly complex and dispersed enterprise IT environment.

Crowdsourcing Offers Innovative Approach to Reducing IT Costs

White Paper

Integrating the capabilities of a Software License Optimization solution with those of an enterprise app portal software solution provides users one place to go to get software and gives them the opportunity, via self-service, to help manage the usage of valuable software resources. The principle of crowdsourcing is that more heads are better than one. By involving the enterprise user community, to participate, the value derived from software license…

2013 Application Usage Management Report Consumerization of IT: Opportunities & Risks

White Paper

The 2013 Application Usage Management survey was conducted by Flexera Software with input from IDC’s Software Pricing and Licensing Research division under the direction of Amy Konary, research vice president - software licensing and provisioning at IDC. This annual research project looks at application usage management trends and the impact on the cosumerization of IT.

Creating a Well-Stocked, Well-Managed Enterprise App Store

White Paper

This white paper discusses how a software app portal is a key component of an Application Usage Management strategy by giving employees a consumer-like, self-service experience in gaining access to the applications they need to do their jobs. The white paper also highlights how the integration of App Portal, AdminStudio and FlexNet Manager Platform enables enterprises to unify the software…

Getting Maximum Value from Enterprise Software with Application Usage Management

White Paper

Application Usage Management for the Enterprise enables you to control the steady influx of new software needed to run the business and gain competitive advantage.

Creating an Enterprise App Store

White Paper

Think about the incredible level of convenience technology has brought to your personal life. Ordering books online and downloading it to your iPad or Kindle or downloading music from iTunes to your MP3 player. Employees in enterprises of all sizes and in virtually every industry are now demanding that same level of convenience in the workplace. This demand is driving a major trend, the con…

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