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Cut Software Costs with Concurrent License Management and Usage Analysis



How ARRIS Created an Engineering License Management System and Reduced Spend on Software


Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - Thursday, April 27, 2017 (Multiple dates and times)

View this webinar to learn how ARRIS efficiently utilizes their engineering software, optimizes spend on new software, and minimizes ongoing maintenance fees.

Assess Your License Optimization Maturity and Develop a Plan for Improvement


Hear IDC Analyst Amy Konary discuss how you can refine or develop strategies for effective Software License Optimization.

Managing the Full Lifecycle of Your Software Assets


View this Webinar to hear how you can streamline your asset management processes to improve service delivery, and reduce software deployment and governance costs, while optimizing software utilization and spend.

Reduce Your Costs for Expensive Engineering Software


View this Webinar to learn how you can avoid over-spending on concurrently licensed engineering software and increase your organization’s productivity at the same time.

Software Audits: Negotiating Settlements and Mitigating Audit Risk


View this Webinar to learn best practices for how to more efficiently manage the audit process while positioning your organization for the best possible outcome. Avoid future audits with processes and tools to maintain license compliance.

Flexera Software Customers Share Software License Management Best Practices


View this Webinar to hear from other organizations the key issues, trends, challenges and best practices related to the management of software assets.

Key Trends in Software Licensing and Pricing and 2014 Predictions


This Webinar explores 2013’s trends in software licensing, compliance enforcement, pricing and entitlement management. The Webinar also includes predictions for 2014.

Creating a Mature SAM Process for Concurrent License Management


Engineering and technical applications, such as those used in the Oil and Gas industry, are generally high cost and high value, and they frequently use the concurrent license model. In order to get the maximum value from your software investment, it pays to have a license management tool that can ease license server administration, minimize denials of service and help determine the optimum number of concurrent licenses for a given application, t…

Reduce Software Spend by Up to 30% with Powerful Software License Optimization Solutions


Enterprises and government agencies today are committed to overhauling the way they manage IT spend, resulting in modernization, improved performance and lower costs. Software comprises from 20 to 35% of the typical IT budget so this is a key area of focus for potential cost savings. See an overview of Flexera Software's Software License Optimization solutions that have been deployed by the biggest software users to achieve cost sa…

Finding the Optimal Mix: What's New in FlexNet Manager 14


Learn how to determine your optimal licensing mix. Centrally manage usage data, contract terms and costs. Map product-to-features and organizational structure. Plus, see how you can now report on CATIA usage.

Pure Gold - Leveraging Software Usage Data to Reduce License Costs & Risk


Watch this IAITAM sponsored Webinar, with guest speaker Dan Griffith, former head of the Comprehensive Software Asset Management Team (CSAM) at Freescale, to learn how to leverage application usage data to determine optimal software mix, lower costs with effective peak analysis, and avoid and survive software audits.

Meet the BYOD, 'Computing Anywhere' Challenge—Planning and License Management for Desktop Virtualization


Watch this Webinar to learn how you can deliver an on-demand, BYOD, 'computing anywhere' experience, while addressing such challenges as multiple devices, diverse platforms and software license management.

Software License Optimization 4-part Webinar Series


Application usage has turned strategic. Applications no longer just help the business, they run the business. Yet most companies lack a strategic solution for Software License Optimization. Watch the Software License Optimization 4-Part Webinar Series to learn how you can reduce your software compliance audit risk and optimize software spend.

Information is Power - Making the Most of SW Usage Measurement & Other Techniques for Optimizing Software License Spend


In this this Webinar, Amy Konary of IDC and Jeff Greenwald of Flexera Software will focus on ways to optimize the organization’s software license investment including the why’s and how-tos for managing software effectively. Ms. Konary will answer questions about the role of software usage measurements and other techniques to transition software management from reactive survival mode to processes that treat software as a high-value, hi…

The Real Problem with Counting Virtual Licenses


In this Webinar, Duncan Jones will explain, in his usual informative and entertaining style, how virtualization has made hardware-based metrics obsolete, and what asset managers need to do to stay in control. It will describe some common scenarios and explain the different ways that major software vendors treat them. Lastly, it will give some actionable recommendations to help attendees take advantage of the opportunities while mitigating the risks.

Achieve Breakthrough Results with Your Software License Optimization Program


Implement and improve your Software Asset Management (SAM) and license optimization programs and achieve your highest return on investment with Software License Optimization services from Flexera Software's Global Consulting

Optimized License Management for the Datacenter


Learn how your organization can achieve significant IT cost reductions in your datacenter environments. Software represents one third of the typical IT budget and datacenter applications are usually the most expensive component of software spend. That's why datacenter license and maintenance fees offer the greatest potential for cost-savings in the software portfolio. In this Webinar, you will learn how to meet these datacenter license managemen…

Go Beyond Traditional Software Asset Management with Software License Optimization


Watch the Flexera Software Webinar on Software License Optimization with guest speakers, Duncan Jones of Forrester Research and Luis Peluffo Johansen of A.P. Moller-Maersk. Duncan Jones discusses how traditional software asset management is failing to meet today's business challenges related to virtualization, usage based models and complex license metrics. Luis Peluffo Johansen discusses how his team at A.P. Moller-Maersk has implemented an IT…

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