Corporate Software Inspector: How it Works

Intelligent Security Patch Management

How it Works

Software Vulnerability Management is critical to the security of organizations’ infrastructures and assets. Corporate Software Inspector combines software vulnerability assessment and security patching to support the entire Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.

How Corporate Software Inspector Supports the Software Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle


  • Vulnerability information is verified and described by Secunia Research
  • Vulnerability intelligence for applications running on desktops and servers is sent to our customers
  • Non-intrusive, authenticated scan for complete software inventory
  • Vulnerability intelligence is correlated with your software inventory for assessment of patch status of over 20,000 applications
  • Vulnerability intelligence and correlation allow to risk assessment, decision making and distribution of tasks
  • Delivers configuration tools for grouping and prioritizing assets according to various criteria


  • Delivers tested, pre-packaged, customizable patch content for hundreds of applications
  • Delivers a packaging system for easy configuration of patches Integrates with your patch deployment solution for easy deployment


  • Performs scans and delivers reports to track and document mitigation, and reassess the patch status of all applications in your environment

How It Works

  1. Corporate Software Inspector scans computers in your network from a web browser console
    Corporate Software Inspector provides non-intrusive authenticated vulnerability and patch scanning. It takes a different approach compared to other scanners by conducting authenticated scans of systems. This makes it possible to identify all installed programs and plug-ins based on the actual files present on the system.
  2. It scans all executables, including EXE, OCX, and DLL files using the file signatures created by Secunia Research
    Corporate Software Inspector then correlates program metadata with Flexera Software’s comprehensive product database to build an inventory of the installed programs and plug-ins. This inventory is then correlated with vulnerability metadata based on our vulnerability intelligence. The accuracy of this approach is unprecedented and provides actionable results with risk ratings and other metrics based on Secunia Advisories.
  3. All scan results are fed into the Corporate Software Inspector console for analysis
    The scan results provide details about the full installation path, version details, and direct links to patches, ratings, and access to Secunia Advisories with further vulnerability details and metrics as well as other useful information for alternative mitigation strategies. Based on the details collected by Corporate Software Inspector, as well as the experts working behind the scenes at Secunia Research, it is possible to use Corporate Software Inspector to automatically repackage a large amount of patches for direct deployment and management using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Windows Server Update Services.
  4. Corporate Software Inspector tells you which version to update
    The scanning also detects and reports end-of-life programs and plug-ins. End-of-life programs are no longer supported by the vendor. Software which has reached end-of-life should not be used due to a lack of vulnerability information about these products, and because the vendors will not be providing security updates.
  5. Automatic repackaging
    Corporate Software Inspector also lists all the programs and plug-ins which are patched and up-to-date. This can be used to verify that software patches have been properly applied and that old insecure versions have been removed. It can also be used as a valuable and highly accurate supplement to other asset and license management tools. Many customers also use it to track the installation of non-approved programs and plug-ins.
  6. Flexible deployment
    Corporate Software Inspector offers various deployment options designed to suit your environment:
    • Agent-less scanning of your systems can be performed out-of-the box. When running agent-less, Corporate Software Inspector utilizes standard Windows networking services to scan the systems on your network.
    • Agent-based deployment is more flexible. It can be used in segmented networks and to scan systems that are not always online (e.g. laptops).
    • The agents can also be automatically deployed through the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager integration.
    • Appliance mode offers “agent-less” scanning from centralized hosts; in branch offices for example.

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