Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

Verified Vulnerability Intelligence Covering All Systems

Reduce the Attack Surface for Cybercriminals Effectively

Software vulnerabilities continue to be one of the most common weaknesses cybercriminals and hackers use to infiltrate and escalate privileges inside organizations’ infrastructures. According to Secunia Research, 15,435 vulnerabilities were reported in 2014. This is an increase of 18% in relation to the previous year.

Analysis of security breaches show that, year over year, the vast majority of successful attacks use well-known vulnerabilities. One of the main reasons why costly breaches continue to happen by successfully exploiting software vulnerabilities is that organizations just cannot cope with the large amount of vulnerabilities reported every month and over time.

In this context, being able to identify vulnerabilities and determine which represent the most risk to prioritize the work to mitigate such risk is the key to reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager leverages the intelligence from Secunia Research as the foundational layer to enable security and operations’ professionals to prioritize their work.

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Get Prioritized, Verified Vulnerability Alerts Across your Entire Infrastructure

The combination of broad coverage, vulnerability intelligence provided by Secunia Research and management features makes it possible for organizations to assess risk based on the relative criticality of vulnerabilities in their own environment, driving the effective use of resources to prioritize mitigation actions with highest impact to reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers.

Effectively reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers

  • Get access to verified timely alerts from Secunia Research
  • Find all the information you need to assess the risk in the Secunia Advisories

We cover all your applications and systems across all platforms

  • We cover over 50,000 applications and systems
  • We are committed to track all commercially applications suggested by our customers within 72 hours

Create and manage workflows, alerts and tickets

  • Make the intelligence from Secunia Research actionable
  • Avoid noise and ensure that stakeholders receive only the information relevant for their work
  • Link each step of the Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager includes:

  • Verified Intelligence
    Secunia Research verify all publically known vulnerabilities and create a Secunia Advisory, which includes criticality rating, attack vector, solution status and recommended mitigation.
  • Secunia Advisories
    Secunia Advisories provide detailed, standardized information on vulnerabilities to enable risk assessment and prioritization of security efforts.
  • Extensive Coverage
    The largest vulnerability management coverage in the industry, covering more than 50,000 systems and applications.
  • Comprehensive Management
    A comprehensive set of management features to drive alerts, risk assessment, mitigation, verification and continuous reporting.


Verified Intelligence

Secunia Research analyzes hundreds of potential vulnerabilities every day and release advisories for verified vulnerabilities, containing detailed information which is used by customers to assess risk and determine actions to keep their business protected from cybercriminals and hackers.

Secunia Advisories

Secunia Advisories are the result of the expert work from Secunia Research. Starting in 2003 and covering over 50,000 applications and systems today, each advisory represents a full picture of a vulnerable product.

Extensive Coverage

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager contains one of the largest software vulnerability databases in the market covering over 50,000 applications and systems across all platforms. We are committed to track all software vendors and products, including industrial control systems as well as software prevalent in e.g. the financial or pharmaceutical sectors. If a product is not already tracked, Secunia customers can use the Suggest Software feature to add the product to our database within three business days.

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How it Works

Software Vulnerability Management is critical to the security of organizations’ infrastructures and assets. Vulnerability Intelligence Manager combines vulnerability intelligence and management tools to support the entire Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.

How Vulnerability Intelligence Manager Supports the Software Vulnerability Management Lifecycle


  • Vulnerability information is verified and described
  • Vulnerability intelligence on applications running on hardware, firmware, middleware and industrial control systems is sent to our customers…

How it Works