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SAM and Security Teams Must Join Forces to Enhance Security


Thursday, January 19, 2017 - Thursday, January 26, 2017 (Multiple dates and times)

View this webinar to learn how Software Asset Management and Security teams can work together to identify and remediate software vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks.

Activate the Full Potential of Your Vulnerability Management Program


In this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Kelley Mak, will provide insight on how enterprises can activate the full potential of their vulnerability management programs. Together with Flexera Software’s Marcelo Pereira, he will discuss how to combine principles of vulnerability management to other areas of operations management to efficiently improve security baseline.

All About the Thousands of 2015 Vulnerabilities


Software vulnerabilities are common attack vectors for security breaches. Learn about these vulnerabilities, how they become a threat, and how to reduce risk.

Play Defense - Reduce Security Risk with SAM and Software Vulnerability Management


Software asset and vulnerability management tools can help your organization reduce security risk by preventing unauthorized software from being deployed, enabling the detection and removal of blacklisted and redundant software, identifying installed software with known vulnerabilities and prioritizing the remediation process to mitigate security risk.

Introducing Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016!


Flexera Software just released Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 - the first of the former Secunia products to be released under the Flexera Software brand.

All About the Thousands of 2014 Vulnerabilities


Every year, Secunia Research releases a review of the global vulnerability landscape, based on their large vulnerability database and data from the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) user base.

Forrester: Rethink Vulnerability Management


Cybersecurity incident disclosures and vulnerability warnings continue to be released at an alarming and fatiguing rate, and there aren’t any signs of breach activity slowing down. Vulnerability management is more important than ever, yet staying on top of vulnerabilities poses a major challenge for security and risk (S&R) professionals.

Understanding Software Vulnerabilities


This webinar is for business leaders who wish to understand vulnerabilities on commercial software and how they can impact organizations

How to Mitigate the Risk of Software Vulnerabilities


This webinar is focused on a strategic view of risk mitigation: Vulnerabilities in commercial software remain one of the most common attack vectors for security incidents and data breaches, either as the entry point for hackers or the enabler of privileges escalation inside networks.

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