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Verified Vulnerability Intelligence Covering All Systems



How To Bridge The Gaps Left By Vulnerability Scanning Software

White Paper

Learn how Flexera addresses important gaps in traditional vulnerability management tools: the assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities on software and systems running on clients and servers.

Vulnerability Intelligence: Incorporating the Most Critical Component of a Full Compliance Solution

White Paper

This white paper will discuss the key elements of Software Vulnerability Management and how a properly deployed solution based on Vulnerability Intelligence will help organizations to maintain compliance and further secure their IT systems from breaches, attacks and data loss.

Are ALL of your employees applying ALL security updates to ALL of their devices?

White Paper

This white paper reviews these challenges and outlines best practice recommendations for implementing a BYOD strategy as part of corporate endpoint security.

Three Questions Every CISO Should Ask Himself About Vulnerabilities

White Paper

CISOs around the world, across industries, are operating in an increasingly complex environment. Read this white paper and learn the three questions every CISO should ask himself about vulnerabilities.

How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources

White Paper

Security breaches are costing businesses billions of dollars each year, and vulnerabilities are providing hackers with the entry points into corporate networks. This white paper investigates intelligent patching strategies and reveals how you can optimize your resources; effectively achieving more by doing less: greater risk reduction with less patching.

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