AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Focus Time and Effort on the applications that matter most.
  • React quickly to new efforts, rationalize day-to-day requests as part of the Application Readiness process.
  • Reduce Support Costs and Security Risks by keeping applications current.
  • Ensure Applications Are Ready for Deployment and track Application Readiness progress.
  • Make Informed Decisions, know which applications are already packaged and compatible with target environments.
  • Align with Business Objectives Create rationalization projects that align with desktop transformation plans by only looking at the users, devices or apps targeted for that effort.
  • Realize Business Value of a rationalization effort, take action to ensure proper activities are completed.

AdminStudio® Inventory and Rationalization identifies, assesses, and consolidates an enterprise application portfolio to streamline platform migrations and improve agility of day-to-day application service delivery. AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization is part of Flexera Software’s comprehensive Application Readiness solution that streamlines the planning, packaging and delivery of physical, virtual, and mobile applications. The complete solution ensures faster service delivery and continuous and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments. AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization utilizes a regularly updated Application Recognition Service that is the accumulation of 25+ years of experience and identifies more than 150,000 applications from over 16,000 software vendors.

Eliminating Application Sprawl

Today’s client computing environments are continuously changing, and the modern enterprise has accumulated more applications than the business needs, applications that must be actively maintained and supported every day. The size of the typical application portfolio has increased steadily due to mergers, acquisitions, and organic growth and includes a wide range of desktop applications, editions, and versions. The resulting application sprawl increases operational, infrastructure, and support costs.

Application Rationalization is a crucial step in the six step Application Readiness process, to identify, and assess applications. By reducing the number of applications to actively support, enterprises can reduce operational costs, and improve the efficiency of day-to-day application service delivery and simplify platform migrations. This helps to narrow the scope of IT projects, including the move to Windows® 10 and streamlines ongoing desktop transformation efforts.

Transform Windows Desktop Inventory into Actionable Information

  • Continuously collects raw inventory data from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Collects site information from Active Directory
  • Standardizes the naming of over 150,000 applications from over 16,000 software vendors

Make Informed Application Rationalization Decisions

  • Sort and filter normalized inventory by vendor, application, category or classification
  • Review summarized usage by user or machine and drill into compatibility details
  • Track application owners and comments

Automatically Execute Workflows for Packaging and Deployment

  • Informs you of newer versions of an application not yet deployed in your current environment
  • Workflows ensure rationalized applications are packaged and ready for deployment
  • Dashboards display workflows completed for each rationalization project

Continuous Application Rationalization

Some enterprises rationalized their application portfolio for a big project, such as the Windows 10 migration, or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) rollout, while others wish they had. Waiting until a point in time, can make rationalization a complicated and painful process. Proactive and agile organizations take the continual approach. Rather than rationalizing applications annually or just prior to a desktop transformation project, the organization rationalizes applications on a continual basis. As part of the Application Readiness process (Figure 1 on page 2), the rationalization step is performed every time a new application is requested. For instance, the organization can determine whether the application is the latest version, has already been packaged for deployment, or could replace an existing version already in production.

Simplify Application Inventory
Continuously collects application inventory from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and conveys it to the Application Recognition Service, which scrubs the raw inventory to provide a normalized list of installed software per desktop.

Make Informed Decisions
Make the right rationalization decisions by reviewing application packaging, application virtualization, and application compatibility information from the AdminStudio Suite as part of the rationalization process. Organize applications, sort and filter by vendor, application, category or classification and document owners and custom notes that help with research and decisions.

Align with Business Objectives
To ensure applications have clear next steps towards meeting rationalization goals, automatic workflows assign tasks to each IT group involved in getting the application prepared, tested, and deployed successfully into the environment.

Maintain an Agile Portfolio
Keeps your desktop application portfolio under control and your organization agile. React quickly to new efforts and rationalize day-to-day requests as part of the Application Readiness process.

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