Vulnerability Intelligence Manager Datasheet

Secunia Research at Flexera Software is the world-leading provider of reliable and accurate vulnerability intelligence, helping customers make informed decisions about remediating threats in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Powered by our Secunia Research team, Flexera Software offers coverage of over 50,000 systems and applications, giving you access to the most comprehensive vulnerability intelligence to handle emerging and historic threats.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager introduces several improvements to make your life easier, including a new and improved user interface for a better look and feel and integration with the Corporate Software Inspector improves assets matching with a full activity log.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager allows you to define customized filters according to software responsibility and compliance criteria for each of the recipients in your organization. Personalized security alerts are issued to the correct individual whenever a new vulnerability threat that could affect your IT infrastructure is discovered. With the Vulnerability Intelligence Manager, optimizing your security processes to handle vulnerabilities, and protecting your critical information assets against potential attacks, has never been easier.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager is a powerful Software Vulnerability Management solution that provides you with the necessary information to analyze vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, enabling you to track and eliminate them easily from a centralized dashboard interface. Vulnerability Intelligence Manager is power-packed with rich features and a friendly and lightning fast user interface. It is extremely customizable, enabling organizations to find the latest vulnerability intelligence immediately, and implement remediation strategies more effectively.

Comprehensive reporting enables accurate assessment of the current state of your IT infrastructure for risk management and compliance purposes, and increased Return on Security Investment (ROSI).

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