Corporate Software Inspector Operations and Administration

Course Overview

The two-day, instructor led Corporate Software Inspector Operations and administration class provides you with the information you need to effectively plan, build, and maintain your Corporate Software Inspector environment. This class takes you through the design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the core features of Corporate Software Inspector including integration with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and the System Center Plugin. At the end of the course, attendees will have a solid understanding of the design options, product features, and troubleshooting techniques.

During this class attendees will:

  • Learn to plan, design, and prepare the environment for the Corporate Software Inspector implementation
  • Overview of Cloud and On-Premise Solutions
  • Learn to navigate the user interface
  • Learn to configure the Corporate Software Inspector application
  • Get hands on experience in scanning, patching and validation
  • Learn to administer Corporate Software Inspector

Course Agenda

Day 1: Introduction to Corporate Software Inspector, terminology, patch management process

Primary Objective: Provide level set for attendees and instructor, provide overview of Corporate Software Inspector, defining scope of implementation, scanning options, patching methodology, verification and reporting

  • Introduce the components of the Corporate Software Inspector solution
  • What’s in Corporate Software Inspector
  • Planning considerations
  • Preparing the environment for Corporate Software Inspector
    • Differences between On-Premises implementation and cloud
    • Options for On-Premises implementation
  • Scanning options
    • Agent vs agentless
    • SCCM integration
    • Agentless using SCCM
  • Working in high volume environments; challenges and options
  • Hands-on with Corporate Software Inspector
  • Reporting

Day 2: Patching, administration, best practices, partitioning and Q&A with product management and support team representative

Primary Objective: Hands-on with Corporate Software Inspector to patch, deploy certificates, verification

  • Patching third-party software
    • WSUS integration
  • Verifying patching results
  • Corporate Software Inspector Administration
    • Defining roles and responsibilities
    • Partitioning and managing hosts
  • Best practices on using Corporate Software Inspector
  • Troubleshooting
  • Meet the product management team
  • Q&A with a support team representative

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