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Licensing, Entitlement Management and Delivery Assessment Service

Assess your Software Monetization Processes for Success

Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers face a number of serious, complex challenges that threaten their profitability and leadership position in the market. These challenges can include issues concerning sales, products, customers, competitors, acquisitions and/or security. These issues often require the involvement of multiple entities within an organization for resolution, and that can be extremely difficult, especially if there isn't the right expertise and understanding of industry best practices and available technologies.

Flexera has extensive experience helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers successfully overcome these challenges–and many more. The Licensing, Entitlement Management and Delivery Assessment from Flexera Global Consulting Services provides a detailed roadmap for addressing your most difficult issues, enabling your company to increase revenue and cut costs without placing any additional burden on internal resources.


During the Licensing, Entitlement Management and Delivery Assessment, Flexera's experts analyze the way you license, price, package, install, update, monitor and renew your products and identify specific areas for improvement. This includes:

  • Examination of your licensing models to determine if they are generating maximum revenue
  • Identifying ways to recapture revenue lost to software piracy and unlicensed use
  • Pinpointing ways to reduce operational costs through automating license entitlement and fulfillment
  • Analyzing the reliability and customer-friendliness of your products' installation routines, updates and patch processes
  • Outlining ways to gather valuable business intelligence on your user base


The workshop is delivered as a short-term engagement incorporating the following:

  • A comprehensive initial questionnaire is disseminated in advance of the workshop and is leverage for discussion and assessment of current licensing, entitlement management and delivery capabilities.
  • An on-site facilitated workshop—delivered in three phases—conducted by two Flexera Consultants who are licensing, entitlement management and delivery subject-matter experts. This workshop involves key client stakeholders familiar with the client's current licensing, entitlement management and delivery business practices.
  • Workshops are based upon our Flexera Success Framework®. The workshops typically involve 16 – 30 stakeholders from various groups.
  • A review of workshop deliverables and key findings is conducted with participating stakeholders, including a discussion of the business justification for an licensing, entitlement management and delivery program—as well as next steps.



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