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Acresso Software Announces the Acquisition of LinkRight Tracker Technology

Expands Analysis and Forecasting Capabilities within FlexNet Manager Suite for More Informed Purchasing Decisions, Support for Additional High-Value Applications

Schaumburg, IL - Oct 22, 2008 - Acresso Software,a privately-held company of Thoma Bravo, today announced that the company has acquired the TrackerTM product technology from LinkRight Software LLC, building on the forecasting and analysis capabilities within Acresso's FlexNet ManagerTM Suite to deliver a more comprehensive software usage profile for enterprise IT. Now Acresso can help businesses make more informed purchasing decisions on software resources, and avoid unnecessary spending. This addition also extends the range of complex technologies that FlexNet Manager Suite can address, including CATIA.

FlexNet Manager Suite with Tracker automates the process of analyzing software usage and denial trends against other key factors, and then recommends the right amount of software. Without this kind of automated platform, enterprise IT is forced to manually compile contract terms, costs, organization structure and usage data together—a costly process which lacks the context to make informed planning and purchasing decisions.

"With the current economic slowdown, 'do more with less' is a louder mantra for IT organizations than ever before," said Mark Bishof, President and Chief Executive Officer for Acresso. "The first thing companies should review is software spending. Using technology like FlexNet Manager Suite, companies can use existing software more efficiently through centralized management of usage, and stop spending on unnecessary new software and maintenance fees."

The addition of Tracker to FlexNet Manager Suite also provides enterprise IT organizations with direct insight into how individual business units are using software, such as by project team, geography, or time zone. With this level of information, underutilized products can be easily identified and then exchanged for other software, or reallocated within the organization.

FlexNet Manager Suite is a flexible software license optimization solution that enables businesses to centrally track and manage the software usage of multiple high-value applications including more than 8,000 applications embedded with FlexNet licensing technology, as well as SAP® Business Suite. This addition extends the range of applications that FlexNet Manager Suite can analyze and manage even further to include software that is protected with LUM licensing technology, such as the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions from Dassault Systemes/IBM. The most widely-utilized of these is CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application). Thousands of companies worldwide, including those in aerospace, defense, electronics, and architecture use CATIA to develop virtual products more collaboratively and efficiently.

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