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Acresso's new FlexNet Suite for high-tech manufacturers maximizes value of software to innovate products faster

Fast implementation of software key activation enables easy management and configuration for Lantronix

Schaumburg, IL - Oct 22, 2008 - Acresso Software,a privately-held company of Thoma Bravo, today announced the availability of FlexNet Suite for high-tech manufacturers, which enables the management and configuration of embedded software via software activated keys. With the FlexNet Suite, manufacturers can configure capability and capacity on a variety of devices, enabling them to innovate products faster and offer new business models through easy-to-use software keys. Lantronix, a leading provider of secure, remote device networkingand datacenter management technologies, is one of the first companies to have successfully implemented FlexNet Suite for high-tech manufacturers to manage licensing and entitlement of its ManageLinxTM remote product services (RPS) enablement platform.

As margins compress, manufacturers see increasing value in the ability to better monetize and upsell to their installed base over an extended period of time. FlexNet Suite enables Lantronix to launch a platform with a suite of software applications that are activated only when a customer decides to turn them on through a software key. It also allows Lantronix to continuously upgrade its platform in the field with Acresso-enabled software keys.

As a global leader in secure networking and remote management technologies, Lantronix offers solutions that simplify remote access, management, and control of virtually any electronic device regardless of location. ManageLinx is an easy-to-deploy solution which allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service organizations to remotely connect to, manage and control firewall-protected equipment.

"Customers are increasingly demanding flexibility in packaging, pricing and activation of our software offerings. Simultaneously we are focused on increasing the efficiency by which we deliver solutions to our customers," said Jerry Chase, Chief Executive Officer for Lantronix. "With FlexNet Suite, we've been able to provide our customers with customizable software applications that solve their unique business problems. Our focus on meeting market needs quickly creates our desire for a licensing solution that provides the flexibility to offer our customers the right set of product packages and licensing models, and FlexNet Suite was a great fit."

Lantronix is initially using FlexNet Suite to manage licensing for two features of ManageLinx; one allows the centralized management application to run, and another turns the Lantronix Virtual IP (VIP) Access™ feature, typically purchased in bundles of various sized connections, on and off. With this approach, Lantronix can create new offerings faster by standardizing its hardware platform, while offering customizable software options. For example, as a customer's need for connections grows, Lantronix can centrally activate new connections and update licensing agreements without requiring the customer to purchase a new hardware device.

"We are delighted to partner with Lantronix in this critically important initiative," said Mark Bishof, President and Chief Executive Officer for Acresso. "FlexNet Suite for high-tech manufacturers builds on Acresso's long history of industry experience providing licensing technology and entitlement management solutions that help software producers and high-tech manufacturers and their customers, maximize revenue, cut costs and eliminate manual processes, while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction."

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