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Macrovision Delivers InstallAnywhere 8 for Greater Collaboration and Accessibility

SANTA CLARA, CA - Aug 29, 2006 - Macrovision® Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN) today announced a significant new version of its multi-platform installation solution that helps software producers create and deliver professional, user-friendly and accessible installations. The enhanced solution provides users with new customization options, greater accessibility support and advanced installation collaboration tools.

Delivering solutions for multiple platforms can be a challenge for software producers. Many rely on custom installations for each target operating system, each having its own installation experience and requiring individual maintenance. All of these can add additional development overhead and support costs, confusion to customers, and unnecessary time spent on the release process. The ideal solution would offer these producers a way to create a high-quality, standardized installation experience for all of their customers, regardless of whether they used Unix, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. Creating this installation collaboratively between application and installation developers would bring additional benefits of speed, accuracy and repeatability.

Today, Macrovision is delivering InstallAnywhere 8 to ease these challenges. With support for a broader range of operating systems, InstallAnywhere 8 provides software producers a way to create installations for all of the platforms they support through a single, standardized installation project. It also now enables installation developers to create accessible installations that are Section 508 compliant, a requirement of many government customers and individuals with disabilities.

Macrovision is also introducing InstallAnywhere Collaboration, a new 'plug-in' tool for Eclipse that offers a new level of collaboration around the installation creation process, empowering development teams to work together more efficiently. When used together, the two offerings are designed to simplify and accelerate the software installation and delivery process and provide a more streamlined, consistent deployment experience.

"As an application and installation developer, I've experienced the difficulty of introducing a new feature into the code then having to go account for that feature in InstallAnywhere," said Bob Eitel, Senior Software Engineer, Cleo Communications, who uses InstallAnywhere to deliver its Transaction-based Processing Suite. "The InstallAnywhere 8 installation collaboration capabilities now provide me with an organized, integrated way of doing that. I also look forward to using the new Section 508 compliance and accessibility features, especially the integration with interactive voice response."

InstallAnywhere 8 is available in Standard and Enterprise editions. Both offer integration with Macrovision's solutions for continuous connection between software producers and customers, as well as updated support for the latest operating systems. InstallAnywhere 8 Enterprise edition extends the Standard edition with new team development and collaboration tools, multi-language design capabilities, support for shared components, cross-product dependencies, and more.

"Macrovision continues to deliver the performance, quality, and usability that customers have come to expect from its products," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision. "I'm proud that InstallAnywhere 8 continues to raise the bar with its enhanced deployment solution in order to satisfy our customers' multiplatform installation needs."

With this release, Macrovision is also announcing a service plan for its legacy InstallShield MultiPlatform tool, as well as new InstallAnywhere 8 capabilities to help users migrate their legacy InstallShield MultiPlatform projects to this new release.


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