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Macrovision Increases Lifetime Value of Software Applications for Software Publishers and Their Customers

Update Service Maximizes the Value of Maintenance & Subscription Programs with Automated Software Update Solution

SANTA CLARA, CA - Jun 15, 2005 - Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), the leader in Software Value Management, today announced the release of FlexNet™ Publisher Update Service Module 4.5, an innovative software update solution that simplifies the software update process for software publishers and their customers. Global companies such as Siebel Systems, IBM and Business Objects rely on Update Service to continually and automatically deliver software and data updates to customers in any operating environment, including those managed by corporate IT administrators. Update Service 4.5 includes new capabilities that further strengthen communication between software publishers and their customers helping publishers maximize the value of maintenance and subscription plans, ultimately increasing the lifetime value of software.

"Update Service provides us with the ability to efficiently distribute updates so all our enterprise customers can easily stay current with new versions of our solution," said Lance Walter, vice president of product marketing at Business Objects. "Keeping our customers current lowers our support costs, makes our users more productive and maximizes the overall value of our software."

With Update Service, companies are able to distribute software updates to consumers and enterprises in a dramatically streamlined fashion, decreasing customer support, software development and deployment costs and improving customer satisfaction. While some software companies have invested heavily in developing proprietary technology for providing updates, most notably anti-virus vendors, Macrovision's Update Service is the first turn-key, fully scalable offering any publisher can implement with minimal effort. As software continues to gain in complexity and issues related to security become increasingly challenging, Update Service enables software vendors to easily and securely deploy server and client updates, patches and content to any customer on any operating system.

Beyond reducing costs associated with software update distribution, Update Service 4.5 also helps vendors increase revenues and protect market share. It enables software publishers to bolster revenues by delivering maintenance plans with proactive customer notification and easy access to the latest updates demonstrating their value to customers. Update Service generates further revenue opportunities by allowing vendors to communicate complementary offerings to users—directly from within their applications—irrespective of where the product was purchased and whether customer contact details such as email are available. Update Service also enables software publishers to make intelligent product strategy decisions based on insight into actual product usage patterns, once more maximizing the value of the software.

The FlexNet Publisher Update Service Module is a key component of Macrovision's FlexNet line of Software Value Management solutions, which include software installation, updating, packaging, licensing, entitlement management, end user management, and usage optimization.

More information on Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher product line, as well as training classes and professional services, is available from or by calling 800-809-5659.

Macrovision Corporation is the market leader in electronic licensing, installation, and digital rights management (DRM) technologies. Over 50,000 software publishers and virtually all of the Fortune 1000 companies use Macrovision's technologies to maximize the value of their software. Software Value Management solutions bridge the gap between pricing and packaging software on the developer side, and purchasing and managing that software on the enterprise side. Macrovision's Software Technologies Group markets the FlexNet universal licensing platform and the InstallShield suite of software installation, repackaging and update solutions, which are deployed on more than 500 million desktops worldwide. Macrovision holds more than 880 software licensing, DRM and content protection patents worldwide. Macrovision is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has offices worldwide. More information about Macrovision and Software Value Management solutions can be found at

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