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SCHILLER AG Chooses Flexera Software to Support New Releases of Medical Device Technologies

Solutions Will Streamline Licensing, Enable Centralized Management

Schaumburg, IL - Nov 3, 2009 - Flexera Software, the leader in software licensing, entitlement management, installation, and application readiness solutions, today announced that SCHILLER AG has selected FlexNet Publisher®, FlexNet Operations® and FlexNet Embedded® from Flexera Software to streamline licensing and entitlement management processes for the latest versions of its flagship medical products, the CARDIOVIT CS-200 and the CardioLaptop AT-110. Part of the FlexNet® Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers these solutions will help SCHILLER to add or change licensing models easily, enabling the company to reduce operating expenses while maximizing responsiveness to market demands.

Prior to this, as the company brought new medical products to market, it developed specific licensing software in-house. For the latest release of its CARDIOVIT CS 200, a cardiopulmonary diagnostic device, and its CardioLaptop AT-110 device, SCHILLER chose to look for licensing software that would not only provide licensing capability for the new releases and support a new technology platform, but would also help the company centrally manage its licensing solution. SCHILLER turned to Flexera Software's FlexNet Producer Suite.

"Flexera Software solutions help us focus on our core competencies" said Johan Sandberg, Product Manager at SCHILLER. "These solutions help us leverage new technology platforms and allow us to configure and modify license models with a few clicks as well as turn product features on and off without going back into the software code."

Currently the company is engaged in implementation and training for FlexNet Operations. Long term, SCHILLER plans to integrate FlexNet Operations into the company's back-office systems, including the accounting systems and its ERP applications. This is a common approach to implementing these solutions.

"More and more organizations are realizing the value of relying on third-party solutions to handle software licensing and entitlement, rather than developing these solutions in house," said Amy Konary, Research Director, Software Pricing, Licensing, and Delivery, IDC. "Flexera Software has an established track record in developing solutions that help software producers license and manage a wide range of software licensing platforms from a single source, including existing home-grown solutions."

With FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers, SCHILLER can efficiently protect and monetize the embedded software in its diagnostic devices to enhance its value, providing a single system for administering entitlements across all of its software license keys, and the flexibility to customize pricing, packaging, and software licensing terms without custom development. In particular, SCHILLER hopes to take advantage of the Suite's FlexNet Embedded solution which will enable the company to create and differentiate products without adding to manufacturing costs by using electronic licensing to turn software capabilities or capacity on and off.

To learn more about the latest versions of FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations, visit FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers or

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