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Macrovision Offers Transparent Licensing and Added Security with New Version of FlexNet Publisher

Software Vendors Benefit from More Secure Ways to Deliver and Maintain Licenses While Customers Take Advantage of Flexible Options

SANTA CLARA, CA - Oct 17, 2006 - Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN), today announced a new version of its FlexNet™ Publisher solution, which balances next-generation capabilities for secure, flexible product licensing with user-friendly, "hands-free" license delivery.

Loss of revenue from unauthorized use and wholesale piracy is a major threat to software vendors. But any steps taken to limit such usage must be user-friendly as enterprises do not want complicated intrusive licensing to disrupt their use of a software product.

Through an innovative new form of "transparent" licensing, FlexNet Publisher is able to create licensing and activation experiences that are as user-friendly as they are secure. This is designed to result in a better licensing experience for Macrovision's customers and greater customer satisfaction with the independent software vendor's (ISV) solution.

"We aim to improve not only the ISV's security but also their customer's experience," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision. "Licensing is not just about protection, but about giving the software producer the freedom to deliver their products in ways that address customer demand. With FlexNet Publisher, they gain the freedom and ability to target new markets, gain better penetration, and ultimately improve revenues."

Whether it's through secure borrowing capabilities, which allows the software to be used remotely and in a controlled manner, versioning or more flexible pricing around different usage models, FlexNet Publisher provides software producers with the tools to monetize their software in new ways. Key ISV capabilities include:


  • Enhanced license models providing flexibility in product packaging option.
  • Unmatched security of licenses
  • Ease of use for both users and software providers.

Part of Macrovision's extensive platform of offerings to protect, enhance and deliver software – Macrovision's integrated FlexNet solutions enable software developers to maximize the value of their software.

FlexNet Publisher 11.3 is available today.


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