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Macrovision’s AMS 2.5 Streamlines Software Package Preparation to Speed Enterprise Rollouts, Reduce Costs and Increase IT Productivity

AMS provides centralized solution for managing workflow and communication from initial request to deployment of enterprise applications

SANTA CLARA, CA - Mar 31, 2005 - Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN), the leader in Software Value Management, today announced AMS 2.5, a customizable Web-based application management system that provides enterprises with a centralized solution to facilitate and streamline the application package preparation process. AMS 2.5, fully integrated with Macrovision’s award-winning Software Value Management solutions for enterprises, delivers a host of new features and enhancements to reduce application management costs, maximize IT productivity and ensure faster software rollouts.

"AMS provides us with a standardized way to manage the entire application preparation process," said Conor Maguire, technical consultant at Hewlett Packard. "It gives everyone involved the ability to see what is going on at every stage, which ensures accountability, increases efficiency and ultimately results in faster, more reliable deployments. AMS gives us clarity and control to efficiently manage software packaging across thousands of applications."

Preparing an application for deployment across a large enterprise is a complex process, involving multiple steps, including packaging, impact assessment, testing and distribution. The process also involves multiple stakeholders, including application packagers, IT managers and end users who must coordinate their efforts to ensure rapid and successful deployments. AMS standardizes communication and workflow management throughout the application preparation process, enabling greater efficiency, reducing costs and ultimately enabling users to realize the value of applications faster.

Taking advantage of the expertise that has established Macrovision’s award-winning AdminStudio™ product line as a widely adopted standard in software application packaging, AMS 2.5 extends the product line with complementary workflow management capabilities that provide the following key benefits:

  • More reliable and manageable applications through enforcing correct packaging and testing processes prior to deployment.
  • Reduced software preparation time by automating workflow from packaging to testing to deployment.
  • Increased IT efficiency through resource sharing, real-time collaboration and centralized capturing of application and packaging project information.
  • Increased user satisfaction through more efficient communication between IT and end users.

"Despite the complexity and diverse set of stakeholders involved in preparing enterprise-wide applications for deployment, email and manual processes are today’s most common practices for managing workflow and communications," said Steve Schmidt, director of product management for Macrovision’s Software Technologies Group. "AMS 2.5 provides enterprises such as HP with an automated solution to reduce costs and increase efficiencies at every stage of the application management process, from the initial request for an application through deployment."
AMS 2.5 includes the following key new features:


  • Enhanced Reporting: packaging project data is easier to retrieve and deliver to management, through a new report format and the option to export data from any view into multiple file formats, including HTML, XLS, XML, Text and PDF.
  • Guest Access: account administration is simplified by allowing people that do not have a unique AMS-specific system account to be granted limited permissions, such as viewing reports or submitting application requests.
  • Custom Workflow Extensions: tailoring a workflow to meet unique business practices has been made even easier through the ability to call an executable file or script, or to launch a user-defined web page.
  • Template Testing: faster customizations and adoption to new process requirements is enabled through the ability to create and exercise test versions of a new or modified template.

AMS is a key component of Macrovision’s FlexNet™ line of Software Value Management solutions, which include software installation, updating, packaging, licensing, entitlement management, end user management, and usage optimization.

Pricing and Availability 
AMS 2.5 is available immediately. Pricing is based on the number of desktops in the enterprise. Please contact Macrovision for a price quote and evaluation.


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